Based on a novel by Maurice Dekobra, the film is set in the Yoshiwara, the red-light district of Tokyo, in the nineteenth century. It depicts a love triangle between a high-class prostitute, a Russian naval officer, and a rickshaw man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Karen E (jp) wrote: Wow! Loved this film. Discusses huge topics in health care that are not being discussed anywhere else. You can't consider yourself an educated person without being exposed to the ideas in this film. Can't wait for Doctored 2!

Richard G (us) wrote: Trashy and often Funny,i think if you like 2001 Maniacs you'd dig this,it does'nt start off to well but soon picks up when the murderous Ghouls appear,its good fun.

Carlos G (mx) wrote: Good movie. It's realistic and has great acting. The character psychological development, or lack of, is vividly seen and felt.

A Daughter o (ag) wrote: This is a good Christian movie

Jay B (ru) wrote: Minimal laughs and strangely shot.

Coxxie M (de) wrote: this is uh... um lets see... this just uh mmmm.... well even a huge lezzie fan like me just cant get into it.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: Fassbinder's stark debut examines nihilist criminals!!

Alec L (ru) wrote: A treat for cinephiles and lovers of a good mystery, detective or chase story. Notable for its use of the Dutch angle, perhaps the most overused pretentious "I went to film school" technique in cinematic history. Wonderful take on the human condition.

Mike W (us) wrote: Yeah baby Austin has done it again!

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