Yoshiwara enjo

Yoshiwara enjo


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Yoshiwara enjo torrent reviews

Nicholas P (ca) wrote: Keven Hart always can make you laugh. But basically a romantic comedy. Worth a watch.

John M (nl) wrote: and interesting independent film. Not for everyone but def interesting.

Donald M (kr) wrote: I'm skeptical about some of the right-wing political POV, but as an extended music video of Shostakovich, it is astounding.

Jennifer T (au) wrote: Creepy movie. Very shocked at the ending. That bitch was crazy.

Rachel H (ru) wrote: Well shot and beautifully acted just a bit long and slow paced.

Lawrence M (kr) wrote: Another excellent early Hal Hartley film. Not as fully realised as The Unbelievable Truth or Trust, but still enjoyable, and with plenty of Hartley's trademark staccato dialogue.

Erika A (mx) wrote: the guy who plays tiger in fifel goes west is in it

Jams G (jp) wrote: saw it just dont remember it

David L (nl) wrote: With fantastic performances, especially that of Jack Nicholson who gives one of his best to date, superb screenplay and warm but grounded approach, Five Easy Pieces is truly a wonderfully crafted film which has weird editing owing to dragged beginning and rushed ending and its characters are sometimes too unlikable, but they are also very realistic with genuine problems and the film is lifted by its very strong acting and character development. It is a very well made drama which is one of the very best of that respectable year.

Sarah L (au) wrote: I rememeber watching this movie when I was a teenager, it's so good. Shepherd is so heart felt and funny in this movie with O'Neal and RDJ complimenting her excellantly. A little sentimental but worth watching!

Jimmy O (br) wrote: It made me sweat till the last drop/frame!