You and Me

You and Me

A drama involving local characters, moving all around the state of Kansas.

A drama involving local characters, moving all around the state of Kansas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark Anthony d (ca) wrote: Nung pinanuod ko to nga magisa... Naiyak ako! Pampamilya kasi tapos magisa lang akong nanuod! =(

Richard M (nl) wrote: Started out very well and thought this was going to be a British Cheeky chappie crime caper but it became so confusing with the double dealings that I ended up relieved rather than sad when the film came to an end.Not one of Ray's better ............

Ola G (ca) wrote: Recently separated from his family, John Moon (Sam Rockwell) copes with poverty in West Virginia by poaching. While stalking a deer, he accidentally shoots a young woman. He then finds a box containing $100,000 in the abandoned van where she was hiding. During the following days, John receives anonymous threats from people who know that he has the money..."A Single Shot" is an atmospheric psychological thriller shot in a subtle but engaging way with Sam Rockwell breathing life into the disillusioned John. The storyline is hardly something new under the sun with a backwoods cat and mouse chase leading up to a buildup and an ambiguous bleak ending. A touch and a hint to the Coen brothers. Theres a reasonably ok mix of solid acting, visuals and realism, but "A Single Shot" has also your stereotypical redneck set up that feels done and quite tiring. Its not a bad movie, but neither a film you will re-see or really remember for that matter.

Kurt E (us) wrote: Some interesting stuff to think about. You can tell a lot about the people that gave this movie bad reviews. I enjoy the reviews of movies like this because they call the people that are involved with the movie ignorant while putting their ignorance on full display in their reviews. Now I know why some these people are movie critics. Their religion of evolution is exposed.

Gav R (fr) wrote: Daniel Craig masterpiece. Quality villain and great ending. Why oh Why did they mess up Spectre

Bruce B (es) wrote: If nothing inspired me to continue to eat more healthfully.

Sheryl T (kr) wrote: This movie was way too predictable and gave away too much information for people to follow on. Now that wouldn't normally be a problem except for the fact that I think they were actually trying for a surprise ending. Plus this plot line is a little over done....

Trang T (ca) wrote: very steamy, very thought-provoking. and for me, it being set in indochina vietnam makes it even more poignant.

EDOGZ 8 (au) wrote: Pure FIYYYAAAAAHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!2 Thumbs up & a kick through the ceiling!

Devaney R (ag) wrote: A very beautiful movie!!!It was passionate and erotic.I loved how the director made it to be a type of confusing storyline and it made it very unique and made you have to really think about what was going on. The sex scenes were beautiful and sweet.mazing movie!

Armand G (de) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've ever seen and one of my favorite Cohen films.

Peyton C (ag) wrote: It's humor is strictly for kids and silly, but it might bring out your inner immaturity and will please fans of 90s Nickelodeon.

David A (mx) wrote: (from The Watermark 04/26/98) Love and Death on Long Island stars John Hurt as an aging English author, who has a maid to take care of his personal life, and a publisher to manage him professionally. For the most part, he is uninterested by and quite detached from the outside world at large. (For the subtlety impaired, his character's last name is De'Ath.) But his life is suddenly changed when he accidentally stumbles into a wrong movie theater and is captivated by a young actor in the film (Jason Priestley). Slowly this old codger awakes, buying teen magazines to learn about Priestley, collecting every photo he can find of him, and purchasing a television set and VCR to rent Priestley's other films. His interest eventually becomes obsession, until he actually goes to Long Island, intent on finding Priestley. The film intentionally keeps the nature of Hurt's obsession vague. Is it sexual? Is widower Hurt discovering he's gay? Strangely enough, that is what keeps it interesting. When Hurt finally proclaims his love to heterosexual Priestley, it is apparent that the film is not about this relationship as much as it is about a soul finding he has the capability to love another person. Seasoned pro Hurt turns in an affecting performance and excels at finding both the humor and the transformation in his character. Priestley was a smart move in stunt-casting: He is basically playing himself, while also poking fun at some of his own less-than-stellar movies. The only negative to be found is the ending. A spurned Hurt writes a lengthy letter to Priestley and arrogantly tells him that he would, in fact, someday regret denying Hurt his love. For a character to open up and broaden his horizons as much as this, one would think he would come to some realization about himself that he could articulate and reflect upon - after all, isn't he a writer?

Donraleigh (ru) wrote: Mystical skeletons? Bah!

Jareth S (es) wrote: This is the best William Powell & Myrna Loy pairing outside of The Thin Man series.

Andy A (jp) wrote: Two for the Road is one of the greatest films about modern-day marriage and is one of the most bittersweet and realistic examples of it in film. This 1967 highly underrated film stars Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney as a married couple over a rocky 12 years. The pairing of the two is awesome and Hepburn is as pure as ever, as she gives one of her finest performances. Finney is also great and Frederick Raphael's script truly shows modern-day marriage. With a beautiful score by Henry Mancini, one which is hard to forgot, and colorful vivid directing from the master Stanley Donen, who uses beautiful artistry and angles, it's no surprise that Two For the Road is a poignant and great film.