You and the Night

You and the Night

Around midnight, a young couple and their transvestite maid prepare for an orgy. Their guests will be The Slut, The Star, The Stud and The Teen.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   wig,   flashback,  

Around midnight, a young couple and their transvestite maid prepare for an orgy. Their guests will be The Slut, The Star, The Stud and The Teen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl M (nl) wrote: One of the best zombie movie I've seen so far

Paul J (gb) wrote: Okay, it's not a good movie but Joe Dante is known for his B-movie homages. That said, it came out before the legendary American Werewolf in London, so considering this, The Howling is actually a quantum step forward as far as werewolf movies go. The make-up effects and animatronics had never been seen in a horror film like this before. Interestingly, we spend half the film focusing on characters and the ending is quite clever. That said, it's a painfully silly movie to watch at times. For some odd reason it has been banned in the UK because of the extras on the DVD. Something to do with the "snuff footage" shot for that little porn movie our main character watches at the beginning of the film. As far as I can see, the extras don't contain anything new regarding that scene. Perhaps, it's because Joe Dante admits that it was very difficult and disturbing to shoot that scene.

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Coralie R (us) wrote: If you've seen "Running with Scissors" and loved it, then you might find this disappointing. The young-boy-growing-up-surrounded-by-crazy-people story might be better in Scissors, but Goats has a charm all it's own as well, and that is mostly due to the brilliance of David Duchovny. I haven't read the book but I'm thinking that some storylines could have been fleshed out more. It's still an enjoyable little indie movie with some quirky characters.

Kathryn R (gb) wrote: My father died suddenly three years ago. I am a life-long writer. If only it were possible to resurrect my own father, simply by weaving a tapestry of words, as my fingers fly over my keyboard ...The film was touching, and I enjoyed the effects, but I the last 15-20 minutes of the film were confusing, weird, and left me wondering, "WTF?"

Grant T (ru) wrote: A very underwhelming movie. I expected much more from a talented cast

Heather M (kr) wrote: I tried to watch this one and like it, but it was not a story that I had any interest in.

Billie S (jp) wrote: Infinitely boring American romance with empty two-way dialogues.

Tineke M (de) wrote: Hadn't seen it up till now; good movie with great music!

Paul S (it) wrote: The girl was cute....

Irene S (ru) wrote: There's nothing wrong with this Danish story. Hard to believe it's an Academy Award winner who has directed. I like Tom Wilkinson and the young Bale. And - no - SHAKESPEARE DID NOT WRITE THIS STORY. He was born 500 years later - at least, and borrowed it from Saxo Grammaticus.

monsieur r (nl) wrote: To read the RT reviews you would think this one is great. Its good, but it is just running to the airport in a frantic effort to escape the end of the world. Like a bad dream, this is all action, no serious, reflective drama. Fast paced, the director is only best known for writing and directing this 1988 nuclear apocalypse thriller Miracle Mile and the film Cherry 2000. Director De Jarnatt is also a prolific television director and has worked on such programs as Flight 29 Down, ER and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. NOTE: * A major plus is to have Tangerine Dream in the soundtrack. Miami Vice used the group exclusively for many of the series episodes. Original Release Date: May 19, 1989 "Miracle Mile" starts conventionally enough with bashful musician (Edwards) going ga-ga over waitress (Winningham). After a pleasant if somewhat quirky day together, Edward and Winningham plan a tete-a-tete at the all-night restaurant where the girl works. While preparing to call her on the pay phone, Edwards intercepts a frantic call from a soldier stationed at a midwestern missel silo. The message: nuclear warheads have been launched, and it's only 70 minutes to Armegeddon. The unsettling news casts severe doubts over the future of Edwards' and Winninghams' relationship, but they manage to touch base before the big bang. This is an optimistic slant ont he end of the world. Made much in the same way as the old television series The Twilight Zone, and surely ripped off from one of those episodes, this apocolypse movie is one great ride but not great movie. Cast John Agar Anthony Edwards Lou Hancock Mykelti Williamson Mare Winningham Crew Producer: John Daly Director: Steven DeJarnatt Screenplay: Steven DeJarnatt Set Decorator : Johnna Butler Costume Designer: Shay Cunliffe Co-Producer : Graham Cottle Set Decorator : Claire Gaul Producer: Derek Gibson Production Designer: Christopher Horner Art Director: Richard Hoover Editor: Stephen Semel Cinematographer: Theo Van De Sande Associate Producer: Eileen Stringer Composer: Tangerine Dream * Editor: Kathie Weaver

Cole B (us) wrote: It gets half a star cause it's great to laugh at.

Christoph H (jp) wrote: another old favourite

Art S (es) wrote: One of those movies that feels absolutely predetermined from the start. A writer decides to prove that innocent men could be convicted and given the death penalty by setting himself up. Only his future father-in-law, a newspaper editor, knows the truth. Only one plot can be generated from this set-up. Nevertheless, the "trick" ending falls flat for Fritz Lang.

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