You Can't Get Away with Murder

You Can't Get Away with Murder

Johnnie learns crime from petty thug Frank Wilson. When Wilson kills a pawnbroker with a gun stolen from Johnnie's sister Madge's fiance Fred Burke, Fred goes to Sing Sing's death house. Wilson uses all the pressure can to keep Johnnie silent, even after he and Johnnie themselves wind up in the big house.

Youthful tough Johnny Stone has fallen under the influence of petty crook Frank Wilson, who involves him and robbery and murder using his sister's boyfriend's stolen gun. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott M (ru) wrote: A beautiful tale of loss and grief, and of how language sometimes gets in the way of understanding. Ben Whishaw is his usual great self as the bereaved boyfriend who feels obligated towards his dead lover's mother, Cheng Pei-Pei.

Jamie I (nl) wrote: In Bruges has everything you ever wanted in a film: midgets, gay beer, "elephants," hitmen, swans, the blood of Jesus Christ, karate chops and alcoves ("alcoves...nooks and crannies"). Colin Farrell, Ray, begins the film with narration telling us that he's going to Bruges. He doesn't even know where Bruges is. (It's in Belgium). The title of the film stems from the fact that not only does the film take place "in Bruges" but the phrase "in Bruges" is uttered numerous times throughout. Might make for a fun drinking game if you're the type. It's hard to put this film in a category. It is a drama? A comedy? Is it a comedy that has some dramatic moments? Is it a drama that has some funny parts. Regardless this film yo-yos between very off color comedy and very serious moments. It's often intertwined. So while you're trying to feel that gut wrenching feeling for Ray he again states the laughter inducing query, people actually like Bruges? That emotional rollercoaster was the only thing that didn't sit well with me. We learned through inferences that Ray has done something terrible. It doesn't take long to learn what he did but yes he did indeed do something terrible. He holes up in Bruges with Ken (Brenden Gleeson) and they are to wait until Harry calls. Ken actually likes Bruges dragging the reluctant Ray on a historical tour. Our first encounter with Harry (Ralph Fiennes), who plays his role from behind the telephone or "inanimate object," is a telegraph littered with the fuck word. "Number one why aren't you in when I fucking told you to be in. You better fucking be in when I fucking call again or they'll be fucking hell to pay. I'm fucking tellin' ya." Harry is cold, ruthless, unfeeling; after all he is a hitman. And when he shows up it is without a doubt for blood. Colin Farrell is known as an actor without much range. Bruges definitely allows Farrell to show us there's more to him as an actor. And despite the fact that there are no likeable characters in this movie Farrell's performance actually makes you care about his character. If you can get past the ill at ease feeling the drama intermixed with comedy give you then I say go see In Bruges especially if you want to see Colin Farrell actually act. Plus, it's fucking funny.

Matthew M (br) wrote: so, I thought this was really good.

Scott M (nl) wrote: Why is this group of men walking hundreds of miles to save one man? What makes him more special over millions of others? That's a good question. One that many find tough to answer. Me included. FUBAR.

Samantha S (br) wrote: The youngest Flax child was the absolute best part of the movie. Surprised that it turned out to be Christina Ricci's first role. Great tomboy elements with a level of candid seriousness that was lost in the other roles. She was so down to earth, beleivable and fun! One could edit down the footage from the film into a better, more understandable coming of age arc then what was presented here and much of the plot felt unnecessary to service the story.

Steve W (ca) wrote: A solid police movie with a touch from Jackie Chan. Its starts out as a formulaic cop movie, but then three cars demolish a slum in the opening set piece. From there on, its got some sweet fight scenes and plenty of stunts. The final climax in a mall full of broken glass displays is the real highlight, and the blooper reel really shows Chan's dedication to his craft. This is the movie that got Chan famous in Hong Kong, and its definitely one of his best.

Eliabeth S (ca) wrote: Love the actress, but oh, Monsieur Truffaut...your portrayal of women me fait du mal. Watching an hour and 40 minutes of a woman's madness over a jerk-ish male is just painful.

Bill K (gb) wrote: This movie moves at a glacial pace and the endless exposition will just bore you to tears. Two & 1/2 hours with a grand total of five minutes of action. That arctic showdown sequence is an awful looking sound stage. So many good actors wasted.

Christopher B (ru) wrote: Another Hammer Film. Grade school science rolled into a horror flick - this is a perfect "creature feature".

Scott S (ag) wrote: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) -- [8.0] -- It could just be my hillbilly roots, but I get a kick out of this corny but highly entertaining romp from the director of "Singin' in the Rain." A kind-hearted woman (Jane Powell) impulsively marries a mountain man (the booming Howard Keel) but gets more than she bargained for when he introduces his six brothers in the squalor of their remote farm house. Powell is the heart of the movie. Making the best of it, she tries to civilize Keel's six lonely brothers to improve their chances of finding their own brides. The tunes are hummable and Michael Kidd's highly physical dance choreography is simply incredible. The centerpiece of the film is a protracted barn-raising dance, where the brothers square off against competing suitors by dancing and jumping head over heels on elevated planks of wood. If this number doesn't impress the shit out of you, nothing in cinema ever will. I also appreciate the slap-stick quality of the film, which comes out in full force when the six unwed brothers decide to kidnap their lady friends in the middle of night. The film won an Oscar for its score, and was nominated for best picture, color cinematography, editing, and screenplay. Genre fans will notice Russ Tamblyn (Twin Peaks) as the youngest brother, and Julie Newmar (TV's Catwoman) as the bride with most impossibly narrow waistline.

Brandon C (nl) wrote: Awesomely horrible, everyone really should watch this at least once, for the terrible acting, terrible writing, and preposterous plot. You have to keep reminding yourself they are talking about pot, then you just start snickering. I don't want to judge the filmmakers as total idiots, but I sure hope they didn't believe any of this crap and were just concerned citizens exageratting everything to make a point, you know like all the PSA I was forced to watch as a kid.