You Can't Stop the Murders

You Can't Stop the Murders

Australian small-town cop Gary (Eck) enjoys his nearly pastoral existence, with traffic violations providing the major excitement to his normally low-key days. While away from work, Gary spends a good deal of time fantasizing about local news reporter Julia (Kirstie Hutton), who would just as soon relocate to the thriving metropolis of Sydney. Soon, however, a motorcyclist is found decapitated, with a construction worker, a sailor, and a cowboy and Indian also meeting the same fate. With some murderous weirdo with some sort of Village People fixation terrorizing the town, Gary -- with the help of big-wig city detective and Don Johnson-wannabe Tony Charles (Mir) -- begins to realize that a cop is the last remaining victim to be murdered in order for the killings to be complete. ...

Small-town police fear for their lives after a set of serial murders with a Village People connection. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manch F (jp) wrote: Didn't find it funny nor did I care about the characters. Also not much ghostbusting.

Bryan K (fr) wrote: Quit after 15 minutes. Bill Murray's accent is terrible.

Adam F (it) wrote: This movie was right up my alley. It was dark and quirky and just weird enough to carry the concept until the end. The lead actors were instantly likable as a young couple who didn't end up quite where they thought they would as grownups and found a magical shortcut to make all their dreams come true. Very funny cautionary tale.

Alex G (fr) wrote: A flawed and uneven film with some tremendous scenes and characters that build to powerful revelations.

Kimberley S (us) wrote: Josh and Jaime were fun to watch together... couldn't wait to see what would happen to them next!

Aly F (gb) wrote: this movie was so boring I almost slit my wrist

Tim R (jp) wrote: An exciting sequel to El Mariachi and Desperado from director Robert Rodriquez. What an entertaining action film!

Dustin G (br) wrote: A fun romp that movie lovers will get an extra kick out of. Some funny stuff and entertaining most of the time. I can't say I enjoy Travolta at his most smug for almost two full hours, but he's surrounded by a talented cast, which helps. Not as fun or as good as reading the book, but a good adaptation.

Andrew Y (ru) wrote: This movie is a lot of fun. Richard Dreyfess leads the merry band of track rats and awesome characters. Watch it! Racetrack vibe and back water dive bar scenes are quite realistic. See Robbie Coltrane, pre-Harry Potter, and Cynthia Nixon, before 'SE# in the City', AND an irreverent Teri Garr shines and simmers as only she can. This would make a great staged play with Matthew Broderick. The superb Trevor Denman, as the race caller, is the cherry on the cake.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Cult, but not classic. The alien timewarp story is a non-starter and never really takes off, but this along with its setting is clearly conducive for making a film with a low-budget, most of which has gone on the very non-special effects.

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Aj V (au) wrote: This is an intricate, complex, interesting film. I'm not sure what all the Russian political stuff is about, but I found it engaging anyway. It's a pretty strange movie, but interesting if you like weird interesting movies of the 70s.

Luke R (jp) wrote: I didn't come for a good plot I came for action and I enjoyed that. So that's enough for me.

Emily K (de) wrote: This is a great movie!!!!!!!! I highly recommend!! My husband and I watched this together and enjoyed the whole movie!!!!!!