You Don't Belong

You Don't Belong

Bollywood 2011.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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You Don't Belong torrent reviews

Craig W (au) wrote: Just terrible. A cool idea but the acting, script and lack of funding really do show. The deaths were stupid and it was all just a waste of my time watching it.

Jeff H (gb) wrote: I like Demtri Martin's comedy. Some might say it is"carrot top" but using drawings instead of props, but hey I can enjoy carrot top. There is a indie appeal to his comedy. Most of his jokes might not be belly busters but are enertaining and clever.

Daniel S (us) wrote: An ok two-person drama about close friendship between a guy and a girl. Having a couple relationships like this a long, long time ago... I felt for the guy. Brings you back.

Risa C (mx) wrote: awesome movie, but it was so heatbreakingly sad. its about a teen with anmesia that is in an experimental hospital for terminally ill children. while he is trying to remember his life he falls in love and becomes friends with the terminally ill patients, he gets his memory back and realizes that he almost died from bone cancer and he decided to particpate in an experiment where he would forget his life so his cancer would go away and it worked! i wonder if this would work in real life for cancer patients?

Walter M (nl) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]"Death of a Cyclist" starts with Juan(Alberto Closas) and Maria Jose(Lucia Bose) hitting a cyclist with a car Maria Jose was driving. Juan notices that he is still alive and wants to help but she persuades him to leave. She is married to a wealthy businessman, Miguel(Otello Toso), while Juan is the black sheep of his family, accomplishing nothing on his own, and only gaining his assistant professor position through the patronage of his brother-in-law. In class one day, he reads in the newspaper that the cyclist has died, interrupting a student's presentation. To make matters worse, a member of their social circle, Rafa(Carlos Casaravilla), has been insinuating to Maria Jose that he knows what happened...[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Death of a Cyclist" is a compelling drama that explodes out from a simple idea. The movie is well directed and edited, but loses some of its momentum in the second half by laying on its central theme of selfishness a little too thick. But the movie takes the theme of selfishness and uses it as a veiled criticism of the Franco regime which ruled Spain at the time. Remember, that the best govenment serves the people, the worst only concerned with its own interests.[/font]

Benjamin N (ru) wrote: Maclaine is soooooooooo hot in this movie. Caine is the man.

Matthew I (us) wrote: Shoot me now. I cannot believe that Disney could put out two failed films in a row. This is ridiculous at best. The story is flat, the animation is all over the place and the music absolutely sucks. Give me a break Disney. This was also supposed to be Disney's last traditionally animated film, but things changed five years later.

Leonard D (it) wrote: It was shocking to see that astronaut getting ripped apart in that vortex on Mars! I admire the effort and potential here, but as we get to the ship getting damaged above Mars, it nearly misses me! The pipe organ music sounded too bland in that scene, and I wanted it to stop! Almost a waste of potential from beginning to end.