You Got Served, Take It to the Streets

You Got Served, Take It to the Streets


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You Got Served, Take It to the Streets torrent reviews

Miles H (fr) wrote: Surprisingly gripping. And Mr. Womack is very easy on the eye. Lucky Samantha.

Jorge L J (ru) wrote: I just can't wait. It's a remarkable portrait about a human condition. Nicely done.

Lispeth T (ru) wrote: This is pretty much the ultimate dance movie. Yes, yes, yes!

Kyle M (gb) wrote: A sweet chick flick. Nothing more or less. Felt like TV movie.

Ernst M (gb) wrote: despite Hugh Grant this was a good movie (because of Caan it was).

Andrey B (ca) wrote: Brilliant direction and curious themes that are observed in this film that were of current interest back then.

Samuel M (au) wrote: No puedo ponerle pegas a esta pelcula, es una de mis favoritas y siempre lo ser. De vez en cuando tengo que volver a ella.La mezcla de dos directores con tanta personalidad como Rodrguez y Tarantino podra haber resultado en un desastre, pero el resultado es ms bien todo lo contrario: una realizacin impactante (esa primera hora...), genial msica, brutales efectos prcticos, un ritmo y diversin a prueba de bombas.Todo un disfrute de pelcula.

Lauren S (de) wrote: A beautiful and compelling film.

Valerie L (ag) wrote: Based on the trailers I thought this would be a comedy. Whilst there are some funny moments this is mostly a drama. Good performances, as you would expect from a cast like this, but overall a little disappointed by the slow pace.