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Enrique S (gb) wrote: Martyrs is a perfect example of the term "torture-porn" the first hour of the film begins with the typical story of revenge, (quite interesting, especially by the hallucinations of Lucie) but the last 30 minutes are so violent, so cruel, so beasts, so inhumane that all the plot becomes unpleasant. And not only that, despite being one of the films more violent than i have seen, also, Martyrs account with a final more pessimistic and ridiculous that i have seen. It is not a film for the general public, too violent, both that falls into the ridiculous.Review en Espaol:Martyrs es el perfecto ejemplo del termino "torture-porn" la primera hora del film comienza con la tpica historia de venganza, (bastante interesante, sobre todo por las alucinaciones de Lucie) pero los ltimos 30 minutos son tan violentos, tan crueles, tan bestias, tan inhumanos que toda la trama se vuelve desagradable. Y no solo eso, a pesar de ser una de las pelculas mas violentas que he visto, tambin, Martyrs cuenta con un final mas pesimista y ridculo que he visto. No es una pelcula para todo el publico, demasiado violenta, tanto que cae en lo ridculo.

Ryan D (au) wrote: A great account of the founding years of Punk from both sides of the pond.

Jacob B (br) wrote: It's hardly one of Neeson's best films, but it has enough mystery and crime drama to up the ante on what is a pretty convoluted film with a plot-hole FILLED story.B-

Demonic N (ru) wrote: This looks really crap.

Joetaeb D (ru) wrote: Bearing absolutely no semblance or near connections to the original at all, and not even having the found footage camerawork that helped add, Book of shadows is a drearily dull sequel that fails even to stand on it's own.

Frank H (nl) wrote: It was hated on by many critics but at the time it was released I thought it was a breakthrough...Spike Lee's very best. Over time I think "Malcolm X" is his best but this is a very close second. Both funny and heartbreaking but most of all, it makes you realize a lot of people still embrace bad ideas-even when they are meant to be so far gone no one could ever like them!

Henrik G (mx) wrote: one question.. Why is David Schwimmer always play "Ross" in every movie his in? Even in band of brothers. anyway.. i didnt like it at all

Landon W (kr) wrote: Good but boring at times

Video K (es) wrote: find it and watch it! Romeo and Juliet the Cyborg!

Coady M (de) wrote: isnt that bad cheesey as heck but its entertaining

Ryan G (gb) wrote: Funny, but not special.

Veniea T (de) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Chloe L (us) wrote: I was really hoping that this would live up to the books... and it did.

Alexander Z (us) wrote: Kevin Bacon had to know how stupid he sounded.

Christopher B (it) wrote: Weird. Not sure how I felt about this one. A little low budget and barely watchable.