You I Love

You I Love

Vera and Tim are successful young professionals. Everything changes one night when Tim hits a young Kalmyk immigrant to Moscow, Uloomji, with his car. The two men begin a affair while Vera struggles to comprehend their bond and her boyfriend's erratic behavior. She is dragged reluctantly into a love triangle.

On their first anniversary, Vera comes home to discover her boyfriend Tim in bed with another man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mitchell G (de) wrote: Good movie, if you like the games you'll like the movie.

Chris O (fr) wrote: I don't know what I really expected from the movie, but it wasn't exactly what it was. I assume it was the real soundtracks they used later on. A lot of random cuts on story made it hard to follow.

Buggy B (jp) wrote: 05/24/15 After her husband is killed a grief stricken woman tries to forge a bond with his childhood friend, an ex lawyer who is now a struggling with drug addiction. powerful drama

Shawn W (au) wrote: Very imaginative and well shot indie flick. The acting is also top notch and while the story lags just a few times I feel this is very good entertainment. This film also boasts top notch social commentary about war, global warming, treatment of gays, and our socio-economic climate after the recession.

Alex r (au) wrote: Strangeland which is written by Heavy Metal musician Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame. This is an underrated film that has a unique concept. Although Snider's ideas are a bit rough, there are still plenty of good things going for the film. The acting is fairly decent, never anything good but definitely not as bad as what many critics have said. Snider's character is eccentric, bizarre and psychotic who says stuff that really doesn't make any sense. In a way that's what makes him appealing. The film has a dark, moody, melancholic atmosphere which adds to the tone of story. Although not perfect, I felt that Strangeland wasn't as bad as what every critic has said. There's an inventive plot in its somewhat sketchy script, and it works well enough for its 90 minute run time. There's nothing truly remarkable about this one, except if you're looking for an underrated B movie, then check this film out. I was very much surprised and I really didn't think it was that bad. In fact, it was pretty good. There are some very interesting ideas at work here, but the script clearly suffers from being underdeveloped. If Dee Snider would have spent time rewriting a second draft, then maybe we would have had something very memorable on our hands. However, I still enjoyed the film, even though the plot was imperfect, and the cast were so-so. The film does possess something worth mentioning, Dee Snider as the villain. That made this worth seeing. Strangeland isn't a bad film, but considering the concept, it makes you wonder how much potential this flick really had.

Sameer V (fr) wrote: Better than the average Bollywood love story.

Will L (ru) wrote: "Felix the Cat" has 'Fritz the Cat'. "Sesame Street" has "Avenue Q". "The Muppet Show" has 'Meet the Feebles'. It's unrelentingly dark and raunchy, and at times, it is even revolting... awesome!

Eric N (au) wrote: Fantastic film - heavy on pretty clever drama, equal parts brutal and beautiful, light and dark. Pretty legendary film. However, as a young man I thought many scenes were cool that almost a decade later I find silly. But it deserves exactly 4.0 stars out of 5 for cinematography, choreography and romanticism.

Jonathan S (nl) wrote: Elia Kazan's masterpiece, sweeping but also personal, an epic of the long struggle of so many to come to the "Land of Freedom" the US

Sheryll N (kr) wrote: Complicated love and relationships

Russ B (nl) wrote: 7/31/2016: A decent movie with a good cast. Better than most horror films since it has plausible story.

Kian M (au) wrote: Good concept, and very creepy, but DISTURBING! Nobody deserves to see people dig into their skin to rip out plants.