You May Not Kiss the Bride

You May Not Kiss the Bride

An unassuming pet photographer is thrown into serious action, adventure and romance when he's forced to marry a Croatian bride and spend his honeymoon at a remote tropical resort where she is kidnapped.

The film tells a story about Bryan Lighthouse - a pet photographer. He's forced to marry Masha Nikitin - a Croatian bride because he cannot pay his debt. And Masha Nikitin will get a green card after becoming Bryan's wife. Bryan cannot touch her as her requirement. Then romance begins soon... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


You May Not Kiss the Bride torrent reviews

Dominique M (nl) wrote: amazing in every way

Faisal M (de) wrote: a very hard hitting true story. acting by ramchand (both the actors) was really good, maria wasti and ramchands father did great jobs too... the musical score by shuv\bha and shafqat amanat is awesome too giving the movie a good highlight. Overall, a very well made movie with great acting!

Eric F (mx) wrote: This wasn't my night to pick but I did enjoy the movie

Panta O (gb) wrote: Wow... that's what I said after watching this movie! Outstanding biographical drama directed by Justin Chadwick, starring Naomie Harris, Oliver Litondo, and Tony Kgoroge, and based on the true story of Kimani Maruge, a Kenyan man - Mau Mau freedom fighter - who enrolled in elementary education at the age of 84 after the Kenyan government announced universal and free elementary education in 2003. The British-produced film was shot in Kenya, despite earlier reports that it would be filmed in South Africa. Director Justin Chadwick explained the reasons saying: "We could have shot it in South Africa, but Kenya has this unbelievable, inexplicable energy - inherent in the children, and the people we were making the film about". And he was right - the energy of this film is something to be remembered! Inspirational and educational - but I have to say that I was upset that none of the crimes against humanity committed by the British portrayed in this movie, like the ones committed by the other mighty armies trying to "make it right"(for themselves) will ever be answered in the courts... it's just not right! Tough watching and very emotional - highly recommended!

Scott S (au) wrote: truth dare & promise to repeat...truth=be whom u r//dare=to scared of what others might think...discreet is good

Scott M (de) wrote: Plays out like a poor man's Glengarry Glen Ross. Neither Dreifuss nor DeVito turn in their best work, but they're both funny and give the film energy. This is a lesser work from Levinson who has made some pretty damn great films, but I'd say it's still worth a watch.

Nathan F (ag) wrote: so indie it hurts; shot in absurdly high contrast, Van Sant's first movie doesn't seem to be trying too hard to persuade its audience to like it; the writing has its perks, as always, and it occasionally becomes profusely photogenic; but I can't imagine many people taking that much out of it; plot development is scarce as we play follow the leader with Gus Van Sant; where's he going? i don't know, ask him.

Cody C (es) wrote: Someone told me this movie was bad a long time ago, and explained everything that happened in it to me, and it sounded horrible. Turns out it's really good. I can understand why people might say it's bad, because it requires knowledge of certain pre-existing media to really fully appreciate, in particular And Then There Were None. It doesn't hold a candle to Christie, but it's a clever variant and definitely worth seeing. I was really into it the entire time, and it has a great sense of humor, never takes itself too seriously.

scott g (ca) wrote: Kind of like that film Vacancy from the 00s, a little diferent in aproach at ti,mes, but very similer in parts, and although Vacancy was no classic, this doesent have any visual style that film had going for it, but its good seeing jeff fahey twirliong his moustache.