You Might as Well Live

You Might as Well Live

On the advice of his childhood hero, Robert R. Mutt embarks on a madcap adventure to attain the three keys to being a "somebody" - a girl, some money and a championship ring.

On the advice of his childhood hero, Robert R. Mutt embarks on a madcap adventure to attain the three keys to being a "somebody" - a girl, some money and a championship ring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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fraser m (us) wrote: i give this a 55% so i gotta round up. The documentary got its point accross but it was quiet boring and i hate hogh school so much that i couldnt watch the whole thing i had to take bracks. but it got the point across. but it got slow in many parts

h (nl) wrote: I wanted more from this film, but alas it didn't have it. Good last line, though.

Casey L (nl) wrote: .14 year old survivalist genius Hanna, is targeted by sinister agents as she evades and confronts them on her way to reunite with her father.

Sean C (jp) wrote: How did I miss hearing about this film !!! It's awsome stupid funny !!

jesus h (au) wrote: so so. old ladies movie

Becca D (ru) wrote: This is a lovely children's film about two sisters who are orphans. It does go on for a bit.

Lukas L (ca) wrote: actually one of the best and most thrilling israeli movie out now! starring lior ashkenazi and the german actors knut berger and caroline peters

Greg W (fr) wrote: Meant to be Hitchcockian -- the writer and director, Allen Wolf, more or less says so in his director's statement -- and maybe it is, if you think of it as, say, Hitchcock's senior project for film school. zzzzzz boring!

WS W (ag) wrote: The farther the narrative moves, the more uninteresting the movie becomes. Better if tuning it much lighter.

Sharon E (fr) wrote: love this movie its so funny!

Indira S (gb) wrote: nothing special #sorry

Justin T (gb) wrote: There is a lot of cheese and gimmicks in this movie, but Rebecca De Mornay makes it easy to overlook with her bizarre character.

Bronson C (fr) wrote: A stand alone movie. It makes me sick to see people compare Carl Weathers to Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Scwarzenegger. They've made WORST movies than this. Weathers gave a good debut lead performance. A lot of people don't like this movie and I don't have to guess why, but that's another story. Me personally, thought it was good and I would suggest if you never seen it, do it. It's worth a watch if you're into 80's action flicks. It lives up to the name.

Simon D (ag) wrote: Whilst this was not as weird as I was led to believe beforehand, it's still a decent, orginal sci-fi with a good cast.

Sam L (jp) wrote: Spoof on James Bond in the 60's, still a good movie to watch

Antonius B (br) wrote: If it's at all possible to know nothing about this movie before you watch it, then do so. The predicament a Japanese entomologist finds himself in will become apparent soon enough. Director Hiroshi Teshigahara and cinematographer Hiroshi Segawa do a phenomenal job of creating unforgettable images of sand through tight shots and unique camera angles, and it may make you feel hot, sticky, and somewhat claustrophobic just watching it. Eiji Okada turns in a solid performance as the entomologist, and Ky?ko Kishida is brilliant as the 'woman in the dunes' who he meets. She has accepted her fate, difficult as it is, and tries to get Okada to accept it as well. The film reflects existential, not Zen, themes, and belongs with Camus and Beckett. Life is meaningless in this pit, there is no escape, and the day to day toil is not only a struggle, but absurd and nonsensical. There is clearly a parallel being drawn to the bugs being buried in the sand as well as struggling futilely in test tubes earlier in the movie. It also reflects man's cruelty in the bugs pinned on boards to the forced labor. The scene towards the end, where the villagers look impassively down through masks and glasses with the taiko drums pounding, demanding a lewd display, is chilling. There are a couple of very raw erotic scenes between Okada and Kishida, heightened by the conditions they find themselves in, and notably occurring as one wipes the other down. In trying to free ourselves of this painful world and the grime it coats us with, if even for only moments, we turn to the embrace of another, and take comfort in carnal moments. It's beautiful and somewhat pathetic at the same time. Okada also experiences a moment of transcendence when he invents a water pump, and sees it as a higher achievement than his original goal of discovering a new species of beetle and having it named after him. There is humanity again, displaying intelligence in improving his lot, and vanity. It's a somewhat grim film, but there is solace in these things. Definitely worth watching.

Karsh D (mx) wrote: classic British film. excellent drama around the lives of a wild group of lorry drivers!

Yuki A (it) wrote: A wealthy married Italian Countess Serpieri (Alida Valli) falls in love with a handsome Austrian soldier. Ironically Countess Serpieri is an important figure in the Italian war against the Austrian. But she never falls in love that way before, even with her husband.Visconti surely knew how to tackle the matter in this portray of a decaying rich people because he had been a Count since he was born in a wealthy family. Heartbreaking ending, and beautifully photographed, capturing Mrs. Valli gracefully wanders the city of Venice with her gorgeous and fabolous gown is another movie experience.

Margaret M (mx) wrote: Claudette Colbert is great in this, but for some reason I'm always irked by shirley temple's later performances.

Lisa W (br) wrote: I'm going to start saying, "Oh, Mush" in lieu of cursing. This Oscar nominee from 1936 isn't worth watching, even though I did watch it.