You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once

Based partially on the story of Bonnie and Clyde, Eddie Taylor (Henry Fonda) is an ex-convict who cannot get a break after being released from prison. When he is framed for murder, Taylor is forced to flee with his wife Joan Graham (Sylvia Sidney) and baby. While escaping prison after being sentenced to death, Taylor becomes a real murderer, condemning himself and Joan to a life of crime and death on the road.

The public defender's secretary and an ex-convict get married and try to make a life together, but a series of disasters sends their lives spiraling out of control. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ioana B (es) wrote: Miss Violence feels so real, like the whole thing is happening next door. Thank God it's not, because the simple thought of it makes me feel goosebumps.

Elena K (ru) wrote: liked a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken T (us) wrote: This was 82 minutes of trivial trash...Turbulent Skies crashed and burned horribly. The acting was poor, the plot ridiculous and the scenes some of the in the sky flying reminiscent of the movie with Kurt Russell and Steven Segal. I swear the SR-71 connecting with the 747 was straight off of that movie. This was a serious "B" if not "C" movie complete with killer auto-pilot. Avoid this one like the plague...

B S (kr) wrote: Absolutely horrible. Seriously. The only semi redeeming part was ... well actually there wasn't any.

Seth Y (nl) wrote: I love "Beer League," but honestly speaking, it's not a good movie. In fact, it's hard to even consider it decent. It's a very simple story about a group of drunken friends who play softball in a local league. This film stars Artie Lange, who is one of my favorite comedians, but seriously has no business acting in a movie. Anyone who is familiar with Lange and listened to him for the numerous years he was on "The Howard Stern Show" may cringe at some of his line deliveries. The failure of this film was also a running joke on the show for years, but at the time Artie thought this movie was really something special. That being said however, I find "Beer League" to be incredibly fun, regardless of how bad it is. It's raunchy, over-the-top, and pretty stupid, but I always get some solid laughs when I watch it. Unfortunately, in terms of film quality, it's just not very good. 2 stars.

Jake A (ca) wrote: With two excellent central performances, plenty of laughs, really good action, plenty of good lines and a decent score this is a satisfying comedy despite being uneven.

Charlie L (es) wrote: While it takes a while to build and drags itself in the first half, The Godfather quickly picks up and becomes something special.

Ben W (br) wrote: Oh yes. You must see this.

David C (it) wrote: Robert Benton, a man from Texas whose previous screen writing credits include "Bonnie and Clyde" (1967) and "Superman" (1978), had a very different and difficult task to achieve when he adapted the screenplay for "Kramer vs. Kramer." This is a story that, to tell correctly, demands perfect balance. The movie can lean to one Kramer's perspective, alternately Hoffman's character or Streep's, but it can never consign the other to a mere antagonist role: each has to be completely sympathetic and redeemable even when they are at their lowest or potentially in the wrong. The equation becomes more complicated when role-reversal is involved. If Hoffman's Kramer is any more or less capable a caregiver to their 7 year-old than Streep's Kramer, or if hers is any more or less driven to succeed in business than his, the balance and the film's message of equality become compromised. At the same time, if they are too perfectly malleable as characters they cease to be true-to-life and therefore lose their relevance as tools of social commentary; their clearly-delineated roles-a dissatisfied wife and a career-driven husband-are what determine the kinds of challenges each face, and their respective arcs remain linked to these initial identities even as they subvert their usual meanings and transcend their presumed limitations. Toward the end, Benton indulges in some overwrought courtroom theatrics ("OBJECTION!" "Overruled!"), and the resolution of the story is ultimately a bit of a cop-out, but it can be argued that these decisions also point to his wisdom as a screenwriter inasmuch as the film's message had already been conveyed and all that was left was to leave the audience as happy and entertained as they were (hopefully) enlightened. Aspiring screenwriters may find much to admire and emulate in Benton's delicate, unflinching, yet broadly accessible achievement.

Conrad T (us) wrote: It is a weird kind of movie about a murderer who kills trying to preserve scent. It is not dragging but can be better if the pace is faster.

John A (us) wrote: Weird musical comedy about a trucker turned roadie (Meat Loaf). This is a plain and simple plot that would usually be boring but isn't however due to the corny and bad jokes laced throughout. This film features appearances from Roy Orbison, Alice Cooper, Blondie & Hank Williams Jr.

David M (es) wrote: It was a decent film but it was disjointed and lacked detail. The lead actor didn't have much charisma as a modern gangster. The leader of the old school was dry and stiff overall. The best part of the film was plot turning punch in the face to the villain. The big twist was too cheesy for me and wasn't accomplished with the emotion it needed to connect to the audience. The last scene was a set up for a sequel that could have ended differently instead of the circular you wronged my family bullshit.

Dimetre A (fr) wrote: A story exploring Adolf Hitler's artistic pursuits before he founded the Naxi party is an interesting and valid idea for a story. Unfortunately every actor in this movie has a different accent, and no attention has been paid to continuity. In the hands of a better director, this could have been something.