You So Crazy

You So Crazy

Stand up comedy by Martin Lawrence, filmed in the Majestic Theater in New York City. Martin Lawrence talks about everything from racism, to relationships, to his childhood.

Filmed at a sold-out Majestic Theater in Brooklyn, N.Y., comedian Martin Lawrence delivers his first full-length stand-up special. Martin Lawrence talks about everything from racism, to relationships, to his childhood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny T (br) wrote: Russell Peters is a Canadian comedian known mainly for his race-based humor. Arabs, Chinese, Indians, white folks, and black folks all are targets for his humor. Red, White and Brown kicks off with DDR and then quickly moves on to the media, the Middle East, body hair, and deaf people. It's one of those comedy specials that you'll laugh at, but probably you'll laugh hardest if you're home alone watching it. VERDICT: "Matine" - (Mixed reaction). These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says to pay matine prices to see at a theatre or buy an ex rental or a cheap price the DVD to own.

Anthony H (br) wrote: Fun animated zombie movie....only probably is that it got stale after awhile

Wellington O (mx) wrote: I had some big scares with this one. It's asian horror at its best.

Jack B (nl) wrote: nice twists in this one-great performances.

Arjun A (au) wrote: For lovers of the Bard and his theater.

Jeff H (it) wrote: Funny for all the wrong reasons.

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