You Wont Miss Me

You Wont Miss Me

A kaleidoscopic film portrait of Shelly Brown, a twenty-three year-old alienated urban misfit recently released from a psychiatric hospital.

A kaleidoscopic film portrait of Shelly Brown, a twenty-three year-old alienated urban misfit recently released from a psychiatric hospital. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken S (kr) wrote: Ridiculously delusional rich people. A documentary that began as a profile of this rich family building the biggest house in America, a 90,000 sq. ft. Mansion that is so over the top big you wonder who would want to even think of living there...but then it follows them over the next two years as the economic crisis hits and the family and their business hits hard economic times. Suddenly their ridiculous spending must be reigned in as they battle the banks and themselves, and for some reason can't find a buyer to pay $75 million for a ridiculous mansion that isn't even finished. It is an interesting character study, as you see these people who built their fortunes so high they seem to have lost a little touch with reality.

Ramses C (us) wrote: Raras veces una historia de amor nos habia impactado de esta manera, que gran film, Johan Heldenbergh (protagonista), escribio y dirigio la obra de donde se basa este guion y se nota, su actuacion es simplemente perfecta, y claro Veerle Baetens tambien actua de manera espectacular, si a eso sumamos un direccion excepcional y un soundtrack maravilloso tendremos esta maravilla titulada: "The Broken Circle Breakdown".Excelente.

Sebastian B (fr) wrote: A comedy by the Asylum people. Good looking ladies but the rest is bad... enough said.

Daniel C (kr) wrote: I really wanted to enjoy this film, but it just didn't resinate with me.

Rob S (nl) wrote: Incredibly slow moving movie (some static shots last 4 or 5 minutes!!). The dreadful pace leads upto a horrific scene in the final 15 minutes that is truly shocking. I couldn't help but think the writers came up with that scene and how to shoot, then built a movie around it. Still, even though the pace was tiring and seemed like nothing was going on, I found myself interested in the two main characters.

Giovane M (gb) wrote: This is a very boring movie, I even fell asleep watching this terrible movie.

Stacy S (jp) wrote: Capoeira is awesome.

Michele L (ru) wrote: I absolutely love this movie! The music is great even though the movie is cheesy. Gotta love the 80's!

Martin B (nl) wrote: I did watch a bunch of the "carry on"-movies when they were aired in swedish television in the '80s but i realize that I have to see them all again to fully be able to rate them (and also to fully appriciate them, you actually have to be at least over the age of 40 and possible a bit drunk to get maximum value of a carry on movie)Carry up the jungle is one of the weaker episodes in the movie series, but you still get a lot of good laughs anyway. The drama deals with all kinds of issues; colonialism, racism, imbecility, mild obcenities and even a case of close to incest. All the way the movie is cracked up by the worst jokes available. The Matron is missing, thoughCarry on, do carry on

Jeremiah C (ag) wrote: Ahhhhh,The Original Western Films From The 18-1900's, Originally Very Good And 2 Hours Sitting Down.

Qi Z (nl) wrote: The answer is Zero. In a dilapidated, desecrated old church lives Qohen Leth (Q), a monkish slave for an entity who requires him to solve a "Zero Theorem". Yet Q wants nothing but the promised "call" to tell him the meaning of his life. While in anxious waiting, Q reduced to a life of a church rat, gnawing away day and night fitting tiny specks of cubes onto an immersive virtual edifice. But his work is never enough; "zero theorem" falls short a few percentage point. Q has a supervisor, a psychologist and a call girl from the Management to ensure his continual effort in solving Zero. But meaninglessness and despair permeate his days and nights. What is "Zero Theorem"? Till the intrusion of a Christ-like young teenage Bob, the son of the Management, Q finally learns that the Theorem hypothesis that there is Nothing of meaning in the universe, all chaos, all random chance, all meaningless. Why would one try to prove that everything is meaningless? Q rebelled, dismantling the machinery of computing, and dropping backward willingly into the center of the whirlpool. G.K. Chesterton may be heartened by such a brilliant visualization of a philosophic debate of human's existence even though the trinity of scientism machinery, church, and hedonism are eventually all abandoned for the eventual moment of acceptance, contentment and even joy.** PostscriptI thought Leth's dilemma is the gap between what he wants to have - a source of meaning for his life, and the impossibility of the external world providing for him (a drudgery of work, a sensual pleasure purchased, an occasional psychological consultation). So in my own understanding, Leth's consciousness demands a source of meaning, and he did not achieve it until he plunged into the swirling blackhole - the zero - and rebirth into a genuine, anchored joy with the world (notice there was no girl, just the water and sunset, and the man holding the sun).I thought the philosophic solution here is closer to mythical naturalism or Zen Buddhism instead of any dogma on salvation through a particular Christian Love ( hinted by Bob, the young boy), or the secular Romantic Love (the Girl), or the Duty (the work to solve "Zero). It is more about acceptance of our natural position of being a mortal being - the impossibility to penetrate Zero with our own intelligence and technology - but resigning into such Void.