Yougashiten Koandoru

Yougashiten Koandoru

A film about mouthwatering desserts and the journey of a cake-maker's daughter from Kagoshima to Tokyo, as she finds herself in the company of a legendary former patissier.

A disillusioned Natsume arrives at Coin de Rue, a popular Tokyo pastry shop, begging for work. Aiming to become a high-calibre pastry chef, she is determined to overcome both her past and the challenges ahead. Pastry critic Tomura is a frequent visitor to Coin de Rue. Moved by Natsume's persistence, he slowly begins to confront his own painful past aided, of course, by mouthfuls of tasty pastries. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yougashiten Koandoru torrent reviews

Philip S (jp) wrote: Disappointing. Didn't look like much but got good buzz, so I was hopeful. Not sure what the appeal as. The jokes were lame, the twist was telegraphed, the actors uninteresting... What was there to like? Forget the buzz; take this one at face value. If you think you'd normally hate this kind of film, you will. I can't IMAGINE the sequel being worthwhile. Pass.

shelly b (it) wrote: ok so this movie makes no sense is she an adult or a dreaming kid? is the bad man real or not? just really stupid.

Aj V (de) wrote: A boring sci-fi movie not fit for the 1970s, it's very dated even when it was released. This movie has nothing new to offer in the way of sci-fi and it's boring, I don't recommend watching it.

Anne F (ag) wrote: Paul Newman plays a man who has been brought up by native Americans; he is considered undesirable by 'ordinary folk' until they need him and the hypocrisy of those who dislike those who are different (for whatever reason is shown well.

Brian B (au) wrote: While this movie has a powerful story, it has flaws which bring it down but it's still a great movie nonetheless.This tale follows a family growing up in the early 1900's in the country. It details how they go through many different obstacles and how their lives are effected.This movie won an Oscar for "Best Cinematography" in 1994. This movie does impress you with spectacular scenery and landscapes but that's the least this movie has to offer.Firstly, I do feel that this is a powerful story. It has a moving plot, several moving and emotional scenes, and great narration. It has the ability to move you. Although I feel that some scenes dragged on a bit too long, the movie was able to keep my attention for the most part. There were just a few scenes I grew bored in.The acting is really hit or miss. I didn't think it was absolutely terrible but it didn't impress me all too much either. Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins were the only 2 actors who gave good performances in my opinion. The rest were either mediocre or bad performances. They weren't completely terrible like some low-budget movies but they just didn't impress me.I mentioned that the movie has great narration. But while it does, it still has the tendency to get a little cheesy at times. It doesn't happen too often but when it does, I can't help but cringe.So in conclusion, this is a pretty great movie. I appreciate it for what it is but like most movies, it's not without its flaws and it can get on your nerves too. However, I for one enjoyed this film. It was well-done and I felt a lot of emotions while watching it. I recommend it to other fans of the genre.

Andrew C (fr) wrote: Unique, thoroughly entertaining, and above all - batshit insane.

MarcAndr B (mx) wrote: Saucisses (Saw six) !!! haha ! :P Jeux de mot, mot de jeux !!Une suite d' (C)vnements qui devaient arriv (C)e. Rien d'original ou digne des opus pr (C)c (C)dents. Une simple suite logique simplement.

Mark S (de) wrote: this film has some very funny moments, definitely has independent film written all over it. Marisa Tomei and Alan Arkin are very good in their respective roles. highly recommended.