Young Adam

Young Adam

A young drifter working on a river barge disrupts his employers' lives while hiding the fact that he knows more about a dead woman found in the river than he admits.

One afternoon they discover the corpse of a young woman floating in the water and shiftless young drifter Joe Taylor was the last one to see her alive. Was her death an accident? Suicide? Or was it murder? Only Joe knows for certain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nadim S (us) wrote: I laughed a lotThe actors are so funny but still it can get boring at a certain time

Kristopher H (nl) wrote: i like the twist in the story

Jacob D (mx) wrote: Kids will probably not like this movie but someone who likes a good griping story about film than Hugo is for you.

Ian P (fr) wrote: Oh, what one will not do in the name of Vampire love -- like watch this film. Even though I am giving this film half a star, it is with utter homage to the poor quality seemingly intended by this entertaining film-fodder. Poor acting, cheesy Ash Williamsesque lines, pop culture, and Kato Kaelin! Kudos Jeff, well done.

Kurtis A (nl) wrote: tai vienas is pvz, kad ir is mazo biudzeto galima sukurti padoru filma ne tik gejams

Wolvsrulurworld (us) wrote: I think its really awesome

Joe H (jp) wrote: More of the same.............

Yash B (gb) wrote: There's no doubt that this is a dumb movie. However, it does have lots of silly but funny laughs that make it bearable to watch. The goofy characters and silly dialogue made me laugh and for that its a passable movie. It's definitely not among the best comedies out there, but its a decent one that gets the job done.

Stephanie R (ru) wrote: It was just really really good.

Sujit O (au) wrote: For a production of such a big scale you ask the question if they could have worked with a better production team.Actors often play shallow roles especially Chaplin's mother. The lighting and camera movements are very monotonous and boring. Editing is incredibly bad and amateurish. Soundtracks are not the best too. However, a good lead played by Downey Jr. and a decent recollection of the life of one the most influential men ever, along with good set design work make it far from a failure. Being a huge fan of Chaplin. A biopic on him was a must see for me. But I must say that his very interesting life could easily been better shown by a better team which we would hopefully see in the future. For the fans of Chaplin curious to know about his drama filled life story, give it a go.

Joe H (br) wrote: The sequel to the remake. Confused, yeah you fucking should be. This fucker reincarnates all the time. Like it, not as good as King Kong 76, i think it is, with Bridges.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Reasonably good adaptation of the Alastair MacLean novel. Intriguiing plot, though once all is revealed, the action is fairly tedious. Main problem with the movie is the choice of lead actor - Charles Bronson gives his usual one-dimensional performance.

Michael L (ag) wrote: another solid entry. are there any that arent? really? george l?

Lily A (kr) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time!!

Eric J (de) wrote: A thought-provoking unusual story. Although William Hurt won the Oscar but it really was Raul Julia who did most excellently. And of course, Sonia Braga plays three distinct roles as well.

Spencer P (it) wrote: High as a kite on Wes Anderson's dry, warm, socially astute direction, this comedy breaks modern comedy rules in favor of an eccentric and joyfully visualized look back on 60s childhood.

Jim F (kr) wrote: A well used and predictable formula, but worth watching. Terrance Howard shows qualities coaches of any sport should aspire to and does it with passion.

Ethan P (mx) wrote: A lot of sharp, masculine, bloody and often ridiculous fun. Although the acting and script are often a little weak, the magnitude of the fighting sequences and explosions outweigh the skimpy dialogue, making this guy's movie thoroughly entertaining.

Miguel R (us) wrote: Valkyrie is an action packed historical thriller with some minor flaws

Delbert (gb) wrote: I am a bigtime horror fan. I love the big budget stuff, however I love the lowbudget,cheese stuff a whole lot better.