Young and Healthy As a Rose

Young and Healthy As a Rose

"Young and Healthy Like a Rose" is a strong visionary achievement that still looks topical today as back in the times when it was filmed and banned by the then communist censorship. A story about a young delinquent, who evolves from typical outsider to mafia boss of Belgrade seemed shocking back then; today, it is the cruel reality of our times. With incredible foresight of things to come, Jovanovic's leading character says: "I am your future". More poetical than Hollywood movies, much more realistic than "Trainspotting". An exciting story about crime, drugs and the deadly grip of the secret police in Serbia. The best role of Dragan Nikolic, one of the rare ones he presented himself as a tough guy and the authentic sex symbol from this region. A slap in the face of film and other convention. A must see!

A director with a very distinctive style, Jovan Jovanovic has filmed in 1971 one of the most significant works in the history of contemporary Serbian film. "Young and Healthy Like a Rose" ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vtor M (jp) wrote: Se quiseres ver a realidade sem filtros e maquilhagem - se queres uma explicao dos motivos que levaram o povo britnico que de tanto desespero apoiou algo to drstico como o voto para sair da Unio Europeia - veja eu, Daniel Blake.

Amy G (it) wrote: A bit too typical but it was something to help pass the time.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: As far as animations go this was pretty basic and poor, Bery predictable and the fact that the name sake is hardly in it makes it pretty boring and a big let down, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version but it might of been pretty good, With a big voice cast I expected so much better but ends up ruining a good classic.

Scott K (ru) wrote: Feels disjointed. Comedy seems similar to a raunchy Seth Rogan film.

Aaron C (kr) wrote: Val Kilmer is my favorite actor which is why I rented this movie. This was a non-story with a non-ending. The only way to make sense of this is to believe that everyone involved with this movie was playing a joke on the world of movies as they set out to make the worst movie ever. They might have succeeded. I'll forgive Val (he must have needed the money), and I'll still see his next movie.

Paul 1 (ag) wrote: pile of shit, i laughed twice, its boring, theres no story, b movie actors b movie film

MariePier D (br) wrote: I know this movie line by line! (almost) This is the favorite movie of my 2 year-old son! But I have to say: It's really good! The story and the cars and the music... Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts, really good!Je connais toutes les rpliques de ce film (ou presque)! C'tait le film prfr d'Arnaud quand il tait petit. Et je l'ai trouv aussi trs bon. L'histoire, les autos et la musique... Life is a Highway des Rascal Flatts, une trs bonne version!

Carlton R (gb) wrote: wood allen is about as interesting as watching paint dry, he is about as funny as cancer, an d his acting is so wooden it puts trees to shame, but the rest of the cast more than make up for his many failures, and the cameo from madonna is not long enough

Dylan P (kr) wrote: Just wasn't as good as the first.

Jessica H (au) wrote: More fun for a fun car.

Dave P (ca) wrote: Hilarious. Watch the original and skip Chuck and Larry.

Bubba M (gb) wrote: Great movie with Grant and Rodgars staying one step a head of the Germans