Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon

Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon

A prequel to "Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame"

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:134 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:poison,   sea,   detective,  

Young Detective Dee is the story revolving around Detective Dee when he was young with plunder monster cases before he took office at Ta Li Chi. The Queen Wu Zetian orderes to send some warships to Baekje capital of Korea to support the close ally in the fight against the aggressive Buyeo, because the Tang Dynasty will be the next target of Buyeo if Baekje fail. However, before the warships left port, the command ship is swamped by a very mysterious force from the sea bottom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott C (it) wrote: Ridiculous fun for people with a really silly sense of humour.

Klei R (ag) wrote: With a title like "Absurdistan", it's hard to take much of what happens in the movie seriously. It plays like a fable of sorts. Most of the characters don't talk. The story is mostly told in voice over - even when the main characters could be talking.There were some things that were reinforced to me from this movie:1. Men will expend whatever effort necessary to get out of doing work, even if it involves more effort than the work they are avoiding.2. Women can get pretty much anything they want if they withhold sex.3. One plucky kid can save a whole town from self destruction.I know these battle-of-the-sexes movies are supposed to be allegorical, but it always seems like the men in them are all oafish, lazy louts, and all the women are the hard-working drivers of everything that put up with them, secretly knowing that all the time that it is in fact they that run everything.This movie pretty much plays those stereotypes from the start to the finish. This movie about a rural town that runs out of water. All the women want water, and all the men want sex. Eventually, the women get the idea that: no water, no sex. Instead of trying to fix the water problem, the men try everything in their power not to, to the point of discouraging the one person that is trying like crazy to bring water to the town. In all fairness, none of the women are helping bring water to the town - that's a man's job.Anyway, the kid succeeds in the end, as we all know he will, and it sets up at least two scenes at the end that are utterly preposterous (which is saying something, given the sheer number of preposterous scenes before it).The thing that got me was that after the kid brings water to the town, suddenly there's a river nearby that everyone goes to for a picnic. Where did that come from? Was it there the whole time and people just forgot about it. Strange indeed...I will say it was a charming little movie. If you can overlook the stereotypes and just enjoy it as a fable of sorts, it's actually pretty good.

ola k (ag) wrote: this movie left me confused. on one hand it's a great drama ( with amazing role of the girl who plays the younger sister, not only does she act depression and sadness with silent sence of guilt on her face, but is also not afraid to scream and cry surprisingly genuinely - i have no idea what they did to her on this set, but it worked perfectly well). This movie doesn't give easy answers; the dad doesn't fall for "a right woman" ( for any woman actually ), creators didn't go for vacation movie with love spreading all around, thank god, in this plot characters are looking the less painful way possible to forgive themselves and accept new reality. Unfortunately on the other hand film doesn't have a proper ending, there is one breakdown and everything is back on track (only colin firth face arouses some doubts). but the worst are firth discussions with his students - corny and pointless. Nevertheless it's a good movie for a rainy mood.

Private U (fr) wrote: Vraiment trop sympathique! Et c'est chouette d'entendre la voix de Celine Dion avant qu'elle soit surfaite...

ChillinDylan G (jp) wrote: The most shocking movie I have ever seen - makes movies like Serbian Film and Salo look really, really tame. The animal killings are really rough - the turtle scene is as bad as it gets. Violent, graphic rape scenes. Give it credit for being the first real found footage film, and the story and set-up are interesting, as is the fact that they used actual tribesmen for the film. The apparent overall contrast of "civilized" vs "uncivilized" is pretty intriguing, though certainly over the top. Acting and dialogue is cringeworthy at times - especially the scenes cut back to "civilization". Definitely worth seeing once - and only once (though I've now seen it 3 times because others hadn't).Grade = 5/10

Ela M (ag) wrote: For me the movie was very good. Much better than I expected. Everyone is talking about Benicio del Toro being the best part of the movie, but as much as I like his performence I thing that Josh Hutcherson's role in this movie is very much underestimated. For me he portrayed Nick perfectly and I personally think that this is an Oscar-deserving role. I also don't get the low rating on this movie in general. Yes, it wasn't Escobar- centered, but was it supposed to be? I don't know I think the love story makes this movie much more tragic and really shows the hopelessnes of the whole situation. I loved the movie and I don't get it why so many people rated it so low.