Young Girls in Trouble

Young Girls in Trouble

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1939
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Jacqueline is sixteen. Her parents are kept very busy by their mutual careers (Dad is a renowned attorney and Mum is a doctor running her own clinic). When they become aware that they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noel V (jp) wrote: The film's emotional heart lies in the changes rung on Peping's face, from his carefree morning (he'd just been married in a lovely little civil ceremony to Cecille (Mercedes Cabral)) to his bored wait in the nightclub's parking lot, to his dawning realization that they're out on a snatch-n-salvage mission, where the person involved is a nightclub dancer and prostitute. It's a gradual process that mirrors within the length of the picture our own--how we hear faint rumors of vigilante executions; how these stories are repeated, with more detail and perhaps a more authoritative voice; how suspicions gave way to dismayed certainty; and how, after the epiphany, comes the knottiest question of all: what are you going to do about it? Perhaps some of the tensest moments in the film involve the choices Peping has to make--should he walk away, should he try help her, or should he stay for the ride? What do his decisions at these various points say about him as a human being--and us, since we are impicated by viewing the story through his eyes and ears? Even more than the possibility of the girl's survival (the film's title and details handed out by the film's canny publicity campaign (say, could all the negative reviews including Ebert's have been planted?) pretty much rule that out) we hope for some sign of resistance from Peping--an attempt to help the girl, comfort her somehow, some recognition on his part that she is a human being, a mother in fact, and that what is about to happen to her is monstrous beyond words.Speaking of monsters--the police officers are not presented as complex characters capable of change; instead, they are presented the way they are: weary and so desensitized by this job they need to buy beer and boiled duck eggs along the way to keep themselves entertained (a horrifying detail, I thought, that sets this particular vigilante execution apart from those set in, say, Mexico). If we are to find their closest cinematic equivalent we'll find them not in the films of Fernando Meirelles but in those of Michael Mann--lonely professionals toiling away at demanding work, perhaps not as supercompetent, but certainly as burnt-out and inexpressive and tired. Mendoza may have made Peping the film's heart, but its soul definitely takes cue from the police officers, from their crude, off-the-cuff way of handling things, even emergencies.

David T (au) wrote: Terrible, stupid and very offensive!

Carole L (de) wrote: Fabulous epic film with an amazing performance by Colin Farrell

Chris H (de) wrote: since im a self professed Jean Claude Van Damme fan i easily warm up to generic action thrillers that probbly didnt do very well with critics. Thats exactly what Chill Factor is. A little more then generic action thriller pairing two actors who i actually like (Skeet Ulrich of Scream and Cuba Gooding Jr. of Jerry Magure) resulting in a movie that didnt really bring anything new to the table but was enjoyable nonetheless.

David T (ag) wrote: 100 minutes full of bloody delirums and explosions that the director would contraband as a complaint against the war in Yugoslavia or the alienation of the contemporary man...Unbearably boring after 30 minutes...Really not good sign for critics that most of them liked it...

Adam V (es) wrote: Grade: B- Clint Eastwood with the most quotable lines in film history. Also in the 80s. What is there not to love.

Phil S (br) wrote: Fun movie with an awesome performance by Debra Winger.

Richard L (fr) wrote: Brilliant great songs and story comedy is spot on of my favourites.

Zach M (nl) wrote: Not the worst thing but it does feel a tad long.

Matthew M (es) wrote: Only slightly better then the last installment, Shrek Forever After is not only unoriginal within storytelling, but also within it's own franchise. It's humor misses, the plot thin and pointless and the characters have grown tired. At least it looks nice.

Katie H (gb) wrote: I was hoping this movie would be like Dolly Parton's song of the same namesake and was finding it to be a prolonged and somewhat disgusting portrayal of a woman struggling in adultery, prostituition, drugs, and her progression in life through the co-dependency of others. I couldn't stop watching it yet I felt it was poorly developed and edited although there were quite a bit of stars in the show.