Young Love

Young Love

Jukka, 13, is coached in photography by his openly gay art teacher. With his dead father's old camera, Jukka sees Johanna, a beautiful girl in her early twenties being physically abused by her stepfather. With the help of the local fire department, Jukka comes to her rescue. He quickly befriends the girl who works in a nearby supermarket, claims to become her manager and enters her in a beauty contest.

Coming of age story of the 13-year old boy who falls in love with an older girl who wants to become a model. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (jp) wrote: During the roaring 20s in remote China two gangsters fight over a town. Lots of strategy, well shot, good humor.

Emma G (it) wrote: a cheesy, girly, and immature to watch, but relatable. Its not my kind of film :L

Sara J (it) wrote: Very interesting how diverse the the four subject are yet still have the same common threads through their stories.

Andhika B (ca) wrote: yes, it is beyond beautiful, since the D.O.P is, unsurprisingly, the awesome Christopher Doyle. But this is also beyond sloww, with a preposterous story, uninspiring repetitive score, and nothing to really said about. In a nutshell : an In The Mood For Love wannabe that failed to impress

Edmund C (jp) wrote: The fourth film I'm watching about the American Beat poets. But this one is not about them per se, but is based on Kerouac's novel, On The Road (which is more or less about him and his chums!) The leads really shine in their roles, ie. charismatic Dean Moriarty/Neal Cassady, gay friend and poet Carlo Marx/Ginsberg and MaryLou (acted by Kristen Stewart). Sal Paradise (Kerouac's equivalent) is portrayed as rather more introspective than I had expected. The movie takes us through many states in America with scenic road trips through endless farmland and features jazz originals by the versatile Gustavo Santaolalla!

McKenie L (ag) wrote: To quote another Facebook user: "I caught myself laughing once, and then blanched in horror that I was succumbing to the stupid. Oh jeeze. This was like Galaxyquest as remade by the people who brough you Manos: the Hands of Fate. Ouch."

enfys r (au) wrote: My first arthouse cinema film. I was captivated by this movie when i first watched it. Probably not a good thing though!

Sam L (nl) wrote: One of the great classics of Liz Taylor