Young People

Young People

Wendy Ballantine's parents decide to retire from show biz so she can have a normal life. They are unwelcome in the small town until a storm lets the family show their stuff.

Shirley's last film on her 20th Century Fox contract (aged 12). Her parents (Oakie, Greenwood) decide to retire from show biz so she can have a normal life. They are unwelcome in the small ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike N (nl) wrote: A entertaining story with an interesting character thats played by julianne moore.

Dave L (kr) wrote: Best advert for Ukip out there. - Hated every misogynistic moment of this vile bilge.

Kevin M (ag) wrote: A fun movie with an amazing and atractive art, tons of recognizable characters and an interesting and smart plot that ultimately does not live up to its potental but it had some great and enjoyable moments. I especially liked the beginning with its real-world setting and the representation of Luthor which captured the great intelligence of the character as well as his narcissistic and egocentrical nature. But what I enjoyed the most of this movie was definetly the art which was straight out of the comic, I also liked the enormous number of DC characters that appeared on this movie as well as the representation of the Superman/Batman friendship.

Ronald K (br) wrote: its gritty action and original scriptwriting manages to keep me glued to the screen with suspense, having me asking if the fella will ever find his gun.exciting and adrenaline pumping, it's not something i would watch before bedtime again.

Peter K (kr) wrote: Pete Postlethwaite died today. He was an actor's actor. "Brassed Off" is a delightful film, powered entirely by the incomprable Danny.

Andy T (mx) wrote: Disturbing, terrifying, often funny, and all-in-all brilliant, Trainspotting builds on Ewan MacGregor's spectacular performance and one of the best screenplays to come out of British cinema to create an absorbing and clever film about life and addiction.

Oscar H (mx) wrote: En mycket lam monsterfilm, som frsker vara familjedrama samtidigt. Snygga odjur dock.

Ramn A (mx) wrote: Watched for the g/g scene, stayed for the acting. This was truly hilarious, no matter what opinion you hold. And the scene was well shot and completely worth it.

Dan (mx) wrote: The first Cocoon was a classic.

Mad D (nl) wrote: I thought I remembered liking this as a kid. After rewatching it 20+ years later... I was mistaken. What a crapfest!

Dan G (es) wrote: Sidney was great in this

Gregory J (au) wrote: potent...intimate...unsentimental.. bloody good cinema...

Matthew H (gb) wrote: Yentl is too light to be drama, but too dark to be a comedy. Instead, Streisand gives it her best, but she can't help this boring movie.