Young Playthings

Young Playthings

They're the erotic toys of the mindless generation... trapped in a never-neverland of distorted sexual practices

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,   toy,   sex,  

They're the erotic toys of the mindless generation... trapped in a never-neverland of distorted sexual practices . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant S (gb) wrote: The original was OK, but nothing special, other than the cinematography. Considering that the original didn't exactly get rave reviews, why they made a sequel is beyond me. Plus, there is absolutely no link to the original, character, plot or actor/actress - wise.Blue Crush 2 is certainly a lot worse than the original. Plot is random, pointless and trite. Direction is perplexing. Acting is unconvincing.

Elisa L (jp) wrote: quite disturbing, brings back memories..

bill s (jp) wrote: Poorly scripted sequel.

CORRIN B (ru) wrote: it has viggo in it!!!

Ciaran M (es) wrote: I'd love to see this. This was before Universal Soldier and it's where Emmerich met long-time collaberator Devlin. Where Devlin would go to be producer and man responsible for any good dialogue in Independence Day or Godzilla, here he was acting! For that alone, this has to be worth a viewing.

Corey B (ag) wrote: I feel very privileged to have seen this movie and lucky enough to have been curious enough to pick it up in the library. This is the reason why I frequent there, there is always an obscure piece of cinematic gold to be found that no one knows or cares about but when you watch it you feel like you really got something out of it, unlike most films that come out of the hollywood fast food specials today (Michael Bay movies, etc etc). Imagine the movie from Spike Lee called "She's Gotta Have It" then instead of a promiscuous woman you insert a homeless woman to which everyone she has met has a different perception and opinion of her but none really are true, one truly doesn't know them-self. Some admire her because despite poverty she is totally free, some say other things. it is a extremely slow movie but offers alot for the brain to flex their muscles to. Watching this film I am quite sure inspired Gus Van Sant's, that or he completely ripped this film style off front to back knowing that no one outside of europe would really know of this movie, he was right.This move wanders as the character does, everything about the film wanders, that is what the film is about, wandering till one can't do it no more. A film to certainly show to homeless people or people in danger of becoming one in hopes to change their opinion and mind to it.

johnnie p (mx) wrote: you have to see the Newman/Redford version instead

Mirta N (ca) wrote: Muy loca como todas las de kinski

Jools A (jp) wrote: OK I don't usually review full-on action films but I just needed to write one for Shoot 'Em Up. When your resume's most popular item reads Monster Man (2003 starring Eric Jungmann), you know directors like Michael Davis has only so much to offer. And hence, another why-even-bother film makes its way to the big screens to torture our eyes and insult our intelligence. It's pretty easy to deduce, when you can't make a decent horror movie, you make a comedy-horror (Monster Man); and when you know you will fail in coming up with a watchable action flick, you make a comedy-action (Shoot 'Em Up). I still find it hard to believe that a credible ensemble like Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci can exist in a wretched quality film like this.Owen stars as Smith, a drifter who can't stop chewing on carrots like Bugs Bunny, and ends up saving the life of a baby named Oliver from being hunted by a group of hitmen led by Karl Hertz (Giamatti). As Smith dashes through a series of jaw-dropping stunts where "villains shoot a thousand times but miss and hero shoots once it's bullseye", he soon realises the hunt for baby Oliver is ridiculously tied to a politic scandal. In order to salvage the film with some eye-candy, the plot will also include Smith attempting to hide the baby with a lactating prostitute named Donna (Bellucci).I promised myself that I will not waste more than twenty minutes to review this film, so suffice to say, it's basically action choreographed for a 9 year old, plot written for a 12 year old, and a patience challenge for a saint. Call it a black comedy or a comedy-action all you want, garbage is still garbage. The producer claims that the film is intended to poke fun at the Americans obsession with guns, breasts and violence; but the only people I'm laughing at are those who actually made this film. If you ever wonder how many ways you can use carrots to kill people, this is a must watch.

Miranda Z (fr) wrote: There is just something so lovely about The Holiday. Sure, it subscribes to virtually ALL the rom-com cliches, and it can really be a litlle cringe-worthy (and insanely illogical, hah) at times, but something about it feels so sincere, so ... real, in a way (I know, I know, it's all just fabricated saccharine nonsense - bla bla bla...). The characters are really what make this movie (therefore why I like it, I suppose! I am character-driven) - they're so quirky, yet still genuine and relatable. Plus, naturally, since one of the characters is a composer, the soundtrack is lovely!All in all, The Holiday isn't quite the typical feel-good rom-com - it's a little more than that. It's cozy and sweet and it would make you wish your life was like that, were you not rooting for the characters so hard.