Young Style

Young Style

A story of a high school boy as he processes the loss of his first love and learns to experience high school over again. For 3 years of high school, JU Ran has silently had a love for a young girl in his class. At the end of his senior year, as the college entrance examination looms overhead, JU Ran's situation changes, and he is given the chance to repeat his senior year. Through this year, he studies again for the examination, and has a second chance at his high school experience. JU Ran's tale is that of growing up, and a caution to take joy in every moment, because even second chances are not perfect.

A story of a high school boy as he processes the loss of his first love and learns to experience high school over again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaime L (de) wrote: Forgettable boxing film.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: In many ways, American Hustle kind of feels like the result of some kind of con played against us as viewers. Director David O. Russell is too preoccupied with fancy costumes and elaborate sets and the soundtrack's rock and roll tunes to create a consistent storyline. The plot, which is a fascinating (somewhat) true story based around the 70s ABSCAM operation, is a complete mess, with a lack of focus of the ulterior story at hand and so many back-and-forth character personality changes that jar you around like a metaphorical car crash. Perhaps its the result of so much improvisation instead of following the script, which creates this kind of tonal and narrative whiplash. O. Russell is clearly influenced by Martin Scorsese, specifically his ever-famous Goodfellas, but unlike that film, this sprawling narrative is too wide for its own good, and lacks the same kind of impact in the process.And yet, by some sort of turn of events, American Hustle is oddly enjoyable. For all of these aforementioned narrative issues, there's something that keeps you engaged with the antics of these characters for 138 minutes. They're each stuck somewhere in the grey area of morality, with their benevolent and malevolent sides pulling at each character in opposite directions, to the point where any of them could lose it at any moment. So much of this comes from the solid performances O. Russell pulls from his ensemble, something that stands out as one of his stronger suits as a director. Christian Bale and Amy Adams are the standouts here: always willing to go one step beyond, Bale completely blends into the mind (and body) of his character, and Adams manages to find a good mix of mystery and sympathy that makes her character quite likeable. Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jeremy Renner round out the supporting cast with good performances, although nothing groundbreaking for any of their careers. Despite too much focus given to them, the outlandish costumes and hairstyles and production values really invigorate the late 70s setting, and make for pleasant visuals to cap it all off.It's kind of comparable to Rosalyn's thoughts on the microwave (aka "science oven"). Something has sucked all of the cinematic nutrition out of this film, and left us with an empty narrative. At least the fire is exciting though.

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Casey K (gb) wrote: Hard hitting but not really that convincing.

Serge L (de) wrote: Teen age film not too awkward and much too jewish. Lots of bits rehashed from past millenium films. Still quite a bit of funny moments, although some much obviously staged. Amusing enough to make it to the end. Too sweet. See the old Carrie instead!

Vagelakis (gb) wrote: Nah, not for me anyway. I've already watch the scenes worth the time to. ;)

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Juan B (gb) wrote: Just amazing. A refreshingly original masterpiece. One of those films that can make laugh and cry. Art, friendship and love go hand in hand throughout this charming story. Immediately became one of my personal favourites.

Tyler B (it) wrote: A lot of good things with the camera but I really think that this screenplay needed a different direction.

Benny G (fr) wrote: I didn't really liked this one but I liked the bird scene.

Brandon C (fr) wrote: wonderfully creative and funny adventure!

Edwin P (br) wrote: I remember the anime version,i hope this one stands up to the test