Young, Violent, Dangerous

Young, Violent, Dangerous

Paul, Joe and Louie are three young men from good families who decide to go on a bloodthirsty and pointless crime spree, much to the dismay of paul’s girlfriend (Eleonora Giorgi) and the local police commissioner (Tomas Milian). the group starts by robbing a gas station where paul guns down three innocent bystanders. When they later decide to rob a bank and a grocery store, paul ends up killing more people. It isn’t long before the entire police force is looking for the three criminals, who pick up the girl and hightail it to the Swiss border, killing everyone in their path.

In this riveting Italian exploitation thriller, three young men embark upon a terrifying series of bloody crimes, engaging in robbery, gunplay, and murder. As the entire police force ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graeme F (ag) wrote: If video killed these Radiostars, it would be a mercy killing. Predictable storyline, dotted with crude humour, played out by one-dimensional characters. Some nice scenery, though.

Roxanne R (au) wrote: I was very disappointed with this movie because it excluded so many interesting parts described in Wikipedia about this serial killer. William Bonin was nicknamed the Freeway Killer because most of the boys and men he kidnapped, tortured, raped and killed were dumped along the freeways of California. If you read in detail the story on Wikipedia, then watch this movie you will immediately notice that the script failed miserably in depicting how the murders really took place nor it covers Bonin's sexuality..its bland, seems to be PG rated. Again very, very disappointed! Same goes with the film Dahmer based on Jeffery Dahmer's killing rampage. Killings of this nature will be grotesque, shocking, depict male nudity yet these movies do not show the reality of the matter. Yet we see so many other violent films where the director is not afraid to show violence or female nudity. Double standard all the way! Bonin was an interesting serial killer and there are some books written on his killing spree but this film is a letdown! Comes across as a very "sanitized" version...Pity....I found it on netflix so fortunately did not waste any money on it.

Arianna R (mx) wrote: The sense of humor in this film is one of a kind. It's understandable that it has low ratings, probably due to viewers with a lack of an obscure taste in humor. Justin Long portrays a hilariously remarkable American Revolution obsessed character that could not have been played better by anybody else.

Awgku K (gb) wrote: Damn. Should have watch The Big Lebowski. This is depressing...

roger t (ru) wrote: heard it is not as good as the phenomenal "Once Were Warriors", but will give it a look................

Brandon S (nl) wrote: A masterful thriller that throws John McClane into an exciting story that doesn't require him to shoot his way out of every situation. Don't fret! He does plenty of that as well, but he is forced to use his brain along with his brawn, and I still believe Willis' work as McClane; an average, ordinary cop that is thrown into a situation he can't handle on his own.

Andy S (au) wrote: One of the most amazing, gross, original, bizarre, cheesy, icky indie horror films I've seen.

Akshay M (au) wrote: Driving Miss Daisy is a touching, funny and utterly heart-warming drama, despite being slow it's still quite splendid thanks to the terrific screenplay and amazing performance by Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy.

Lou E (de) wrote: My only interest in this was seeing Bruno do something different. I wasn't expecting much but it's actually a well made, heartfelt observation of our need for closure and the things we do to achieve it. Bruce plays a good redneck and it's great to see that he can act just as well as he can shoot baddies and be a smart arse. There's a bunch of interesting people to watch out for; a couple of the Deadwood guys and Dr Kelso from Scrubs! Joan Allen is always great, and how come I've never seen Emily Lloyd in anything else? It kind of strolls along, engaging without being overly involving but it builds to a conclusion which is surprisingly moving.

Glyn J (ca) wrote: A project close to both Blake Edwards and Jack Lemmon, since they were recovering alcoholics at the time, this film boldly veers from light romantic comedy to harrowing drama. Perhaps it jars a little too much and you don't quite get the feeling of years passing, but several sequences work very well. Lemmon desperately tearing apart green-house plants searching for his hidden bottle of whisky is enough to sober any hard drinker.

Dammy G (ru) wrote: Horrible. This movie does nothing either new or original. All it does is remake sketches from the The Flying Circus we've already seen numerous times before. This movie is the Star Wars prequels of Monty Python. It's that bad, and it's that unforgivable.

Jussi M (mx) wrote: Tysin ksittmtnt sontaa. Just bring me the head of Jesus Franco.

Van W (de) wrote: A reliably fun dance film highlighted by Tucci's performance and Lopez's instruction of how to dance the rhumba.

Khaled M (br) wrote: Not sure if this is the real character of Assange or it's been Hollywoodnized but the movie exploiting him as a Weirdo self involved hacker that his mission was destroying governments even on the expense of other people's lives

Private U (es) wrote: Fantastisk morsom film :o) Vincent Price er jo altid en fantastisk n.