Young Yakuza

Young Yakuza

Meet the Japanese Mafia's latest son: a 20 year old named Naoki, part of a surging, decade-long wave of juvenile delinquency in Japan. As Naoki rejects school, jobs and family, his desperate mother decides to take one last chance to save him--by handing him over to the Mafia for one year and letting him choose his own path.

A young man is initiated into a Yakuza band. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irving B (br) wrote: If you ever have a chance to watch this movie, turn the other way and run as fast as you can becasue you can never unwatch this film. The cinematography is great and the lighting is just spot on. Acting is above average. The story is just twisted and sick. The form and plot really compliment the story well (Which only makes this film more disgusting). Never want to see something like this ever again.

Stephen V (ag) wrote: A rare insight into the base of the MAS movement and the lead up to its election which was the precursor for the events unfolding there today on Bolivia's road to socialism. Well worth a watch even though some people find some parts of it a little bit slow.

ashlee g (us) wrote: i was an extra in this movie when I was about 7-10 and I love IT I was a little girl whit a hot pink shirt on and braided hair LOOK 4 ME!!

Shieldsy S (mx) wrote: "brilliant" that all to say just "brilliant"

Greg W (ca) wrote: This is neither an easy film, nor, in the show biz sense, an entertaining one. It makes large demands upon its audience, and in return confers exceptional rewards.

Monique H (ag) wrote: interesting movie...

Shawn W (ca) wrote: Salvages itself after much of the first 37 minutes is flashback footage. Ricky Caldwell has also grown up to be a Christmas Eve mass murderer. Ricky is laughably serious while talking to his psyciatrist. Was happy to see Elizabeth Kaitan here.

Marty F (es) wrote: I thought it was too hectic, too stressful and arduous to watch... Stiller was the best of the worse here.

Justin B (fr) wrote: People are too hard on this. It's obviously pretty dumb and not scary in the least but it is very dark in tone with some unsettling concepts. Creative and competently assembled.

Amanda P (it) wrote: Wow. I feel racist just having put this on my NetFlix Queue. Imagine the dad from "Webster" playing the worst Chinese stereotype you can imagine in the form of a whodunnit. Now add B-roll from the Treasure Island World's Fair and the fad interest in Houdini. Two stars for the awesome B-roll and the peek into what passed as combating stereotypes back then. Eeesh.

PY C (kr) wrote: Storyline is way too depressing and there are just no good moments I feel.

Panayiota K (fr) wrote: No connection to the characters. Boring af