Jordi is going to make it big, cost what it may, juggling a stock exchange portfolio; Cristina combines booze, drugs and sex in the celebration of her birthday; and Pau, in search of strong emotions, turns to violence, xenophobic attitude. Three young protagonists flee towards the future in the pursuit of an illusory happiness.

Three stories about young people looking for a direction, interweave. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Youth torrent reviews

Alejandro C (mx) wrote: No merecen la pena ni las peleas ya. Un pestio de pelcula. Doy las gracias al que invent el Fast Forward

Joe A (au) wrote: Goofy film, and not in a good way. it's pretty incoherent and kind of spoofish.

Andrea W (de) wrote: Although sometimes the performances were wooden, the story has enough merit to be extremely interesting and satisfying. Anyone who criticizes this movie is a "heartless, bloodless machine."

Criss T (jp) wrote: This was cute and funny

Valerie F (es) wrote: interesting how the of fashion affects ppl. great movie.

Stephen R (de) wrote: i think this one is underrated, always have...the best acitng WIll Smith will ever do..and it fits flashy brilliant Michael Mann's directorial style..great music...well done over all better than most bio pics and of course approp for right now

Lars P (it) wrote: "Mission to Mars" must be the most boring science fiction film on Earth.

Dave J (us) wrote: Monday, November 22, 2010 (1988) Black Dog ACTION Extremely admissable plot line full of holes involving Patrick Swayze hired to bring illegal firearms by driving a semi assuming at first thought he was driving toilets! Plenty of action with some of it's main influences from "The Road Warrior" and "Lethal Weapon 2" except this film was financed by De Laurentiis making action sequences that're too pretentious and unbelievable! And because of less reliance on CGI, this film deserves a pass! Rock singer Meat Loaf and country singer Randy Travis also stars! 2.5 out of 4

Jonathan G (gb) wrote: I liked the cooking scenes.

Carlos T (ag) wrote: Strong start; weak end.

Brad S (br) wrote: This is the first one to take a dip in my ratings. You can really see the series is getting tired with this one and they continue to recycle the gags, you can see why Guttenberg left after this one is it's probably the last in the series that is actually watchable. Skip it unless you loved it as a kid!

Geir O (us) wrote: Harmless yet somewhat schizophrenic entertainment (going from drama to screwball-territory in seconds) with Garner doing what he does best - playing a solid, likable hero. He makes this worth sitting through together with G.D. Spradlin chewing up the scenery as a corrupt southern sheriff, the type of bad guy you just love to hate :)

Mickey B (es) wrote: Just watched this movie again and it's so amazing, particularly looking at the impact of it, how good it still looks! You can see how this movie led to ET later on, and Richard Dreyfuss is just awesome in this!! That tune has always stayed with me and I will still go to Devil's Tower one day!!

James H (gb) wrote: This movie was panned when it was released in 1976, and I never understood why. I think it's a solid and compelling thriller, well acted by all. Good camerawork, score and direction. Always interesting.

J L (ag) wrote: A funny movie if you like the classics. Bob Hope as always does a bang up job. Bing Crosby is being mellow and Dorothy Lamour !

Jeff B (br) wrote: Easily one of my favourite movies of all time

Josh F (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this one. I thought the young girl who played Liesel was great, and really enjoyed the story.