On a Tuesday night, five couples have separate sexual adventures.

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Howard M (jp) wrote: The lady actress in this video is horrible

Michael P (es) wrote: Without a doubt the most pretencious load of crap ever my misfortune to fast forward through . Thank god I didn't have to pay money and walk out of the cinema.

Steven V (it) wrote: It's not everyday that a character in a television series got so well liked by the general public, that a movie gets created for that character in order to allow fans one last hurrah, and dwell a little bit more on the background of the character. The story here is nothing new, and the list of films to cite about undercover cops can go up to many miles long. What's interesting here is that the bad guys are fully aware of Laughing's status, and that No. 1 himself had been an ex-cop turned undercover, by the same superior. The themes of trust, paranoia and betrayal go full steam ahead since nobody trusts anyone else, and even your most trusted man can betray you just to get ahead, or are listening to orders from the top. And this sense of distrust permeates throughout the film, until it got a tad ridiculous with moles planted on opposite sides of the law, and on the same side, and with undercover cops so easily revealing themselves to their own uniformed folks, it soon became a strange little comedy, where everyone could be working for someone else, capable of switching loyalties at a whim. What made it worse was the narrative trying its best to confuse rather than hold you in suspense, with flash forwards and flashbacks taking their toil. The most powerful scenes and subplot that could be expanded here, involved choice to do the right thing given the circumstances presented, and of course for the greater good. There were two characters who are in stark contrasts with each other, each being in the same boat, but ultimately taking different paths in their lives, with different consequences.

Barry H (fr) wrote: A little over the top for a flick based on a true story but not too bad overall. And it's always good to see Ray Liotta.

Baby f (br) wrote: It's often said that you will have the same life as the person you find. take care family

Ayrton Anthony C (jp) wrote: Puntaje Original. 7.5La destreza de Tarantino es notoria en su cuarto film, transformando una trama clich en una historia magistral que slo un genio como Quentin puede lograr, personajes singulares y redondeados eficazmente en una pelcula que har a la audiencia identificarse con ellos y adentrarse en el largometraje.

Eric H (ca) wrote: I'm biased: this was one of my favorite movies of all time growing up and combines my two favorite sports. That said, there's no loopholes, it doesn't pull many goofy acts and the ones it does work well. What sucks is its one of the few movies of Sandler's career that set up an expectation: Madison, Gilmore, Big Daddy, and Waterboy, and after that we just assumed they'd be gold. He just... Sucked after that. Deeds gets a D+ because of its incredibly trite script. Anyway, this one just rocks. Plain and simple. I didn't give it a 5 instead a 4.5 because it just doesn't quite reach that supernatural comic effect: Monty Python, Hot Fuzz, Trains Planes etc etc...Oh yeah! I totally forgot about the Bob Barker scene lol

Alex C (mx) wrote: Welcome to Flagstaff, Arizona, where main characters have vague European accents and every night's a full moon.I don't know where to begin criticizing this film. It defies stupid and eschews plot. The special effects were as good as the acting, by which I mean it's as far from being good as possible. Werewolf is exactly the kind of movie that warrants an MST3K treatment.

G C (jp) wrote: very subtle and calls for patience, not to be seen in the midst of a hectic schedule. otherwise - marvelous.

Lewis C (ru) wrote: "Don't just stand there, bring me something to wipe my shoe."I has never seen a "women in cages" movie prior to seeing this, so I really had no idea what to expect. Which is good, because no expectations could have prepared me for this, anyway. Reform School Girls is lurid, sordid, exploitative, pure cheese, and yes, even entertaining. If you can handle the absurdity of it all, anyway.The plot is paper thin (Othello, this is not). A young woman gets sent to a reform school/youth prison after a botched bank robbery, and tangles with the corrupt warden and head matron, as well as a gang of vicious girls. That's basically it. And there's lots of underwear. Basically, you probably already know if you like these kinds of movies, or you're a newbie like me. If you're unfamiliar with the genre, aren't easily offended, and have a fondness for campy/tongue-in-cheek absurdity, I suggest you try this out for the sheer novelty of it. I'll be seeing a few more, just to see if they can possibly get even more over-the-top than Reform School Girls.

Hindnbrg E (jp) wrote: This is still one of the 20 worst movies I have ever seen. I wasn't really ever "for" nuclear war until I watched this trite, self-serving, self-important piece of shit. This movie is the "Crash" of the 80's, except it's probably even worse than "Crash" -- At least that movie had Matt Dillon crying over his father trying to take a dump... Well, this movie isn't ENTIRELY that bad... I mean, at least a child dies in a hilarious fashion. Still, even with that, there's no hope for this piece of shit. I hope 300,000 Hydrogen bombs are dropped on the United States and Canada, just to make sure all copies of "Testament" will be evaporated in the blast.

Eric H (mx) wrote: Morality is easy in the absence of temptation. Some people never steal or cheat on a spouse simply because they wouldn't know how. But what if very suddenly (and accidentally) you fall into possession of a kidnapping or blackmail payoff --- and nobody knows? Lizabeth Scott simply excels in her role here. Her natural ability to come on to a man -- naturally -- sweetly -- using her entire persona but without being obvious, she has more ability to manipulate than most of us could deal with.TOO LATE FOR TEARS has it all: Murder, treachery, backstabbing, double-crossing, booze drinking, poison, and cigarette smoking --- all smoothly kept under control by a strong director and script. See it.