Yrrol - En kolossalt genomtänkt film

Yrrol - En kolossalt genomtänkt film

An ancient Greek philosopher's comical vision of how life in present day Sweden will play out.

Yrrol: An Enormously Well Thought Out Movie. Sketch comedy . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Yrrol - En kolossalt genomtänkt film torrent reviews

Ai A (es) wrote: Irredeemable pile of shit.Once you hear that priest talk, you know this will be an undesirable punishment, even if you had a will of iron you will leave before half the movie is gone.

Samantha R (it) wrote: The script may be terrible, the acting wooden and the plot may contain more holes than a block of swiss cheese, but it's a neat idea. Perhaps not original - it feels like an extended episode of The Twilight Zone or something - but it's not a bad film overall, with lots of jolts, and inventive, gory kills.

Bill M (nl) wrote: Such a personal film that I had trouble finding my way in.

Andrew R (br) wrote: We;ve been talking about this one. It's an incredible love stroy, and in my mind: the only real one. If you've ever been in love before, watch it. It will move you. It is the only romance that show WHY they love each other. All other romances show THAT they love each other.

doris c (br) wrote: very interesting ..film.

Anthony V (ca) wrote: A lame rip off of the Wolfman.

Karol T (es) wrote: Great old flick, if you're into them... Interesting plot line... to follow a coat...

common p (ag) wrote: A comedy movie for my soul.

Laurent B (it) wrote: One of the most beautiful film ever ! A masterpiece.

Najd G (jp) wrote: Too long. It takes an hour for there to be any clear direction to the story. Once it gets going, it slumps into exploitative action sequences instead of really focusing on the serious (and more interesting) subject matter at hand. Beyond all that, I didn't feel like Archer (DiCaprio's character) was any less selfish by the end than when he was first introduced as a low-class diamond-smuggling thug.

Dylan G (mx) wrote: A great movie to watch around halloween, it is sick, twisted, and very entertaining!

Gretchen W (fr) wrote: I liked this movie a lot. I steer clear of love stories lately, I'm so jaded about romance. This was sad, creepy, and sweet all in one.

Robert L (es) wrote: It was like watch a Master's thesis... Very Woody Allen-esk dialogue, but choppy in many places...