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Lesile is a young guy that uses the MTR everyday, and one day, he sees a beautiful lady (Maggie Cheung) on the train and likes her immediately. On the other hand, he also knows a tomboy (...

Lesile is a young guy that uses the MTR everyday, and one day, he sees a beautiful lady (Maggie Cheung) on the train and likes her immediately. On the other hand, he also knows a tomboy (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dana B (us) wrote: Really 99%... After watching the trailer I thought that it didn't look very good but the 99% made me think the trailer was just bad. It has enough actors that I like that it seemed likely.I should have trusted myself. The movie isn't much of anything. It's not funny, it's not touching, it's not acted well, written well and doesn't have any interesting cinematography. It's just boring. I don't blame them for making it. I blame the critics that have lost the perspective to judge the quality of a film.

Pedram S (es) wrote: Nice attempt at a sequel, but pretty boring overall.

Tim C (nl) wrote: Interesting Doc. About the Rise Of The VHS Tape

Pavan D (it) wrote: Quintessential Woody-Allen! I particularly liked the last scene, when Woody goes to visit his parents and just moments after seeing all the honors and awards he received during his European trip, his father remarks how Woody might have done better as a druggist.

Cate H (kr) wrote: Characters were very memorable, and played beautifully by an amazing cast (Rush, Roxburgh, Neil, Davis), but the style was too distracting. All of the news reels, photographs, and newspapers were wonderful techniques, but it was as though the movie did too much. The concept was pretty funny (and the crazed obsessive revolutionist was relatable), but it just didn't do it for me. I had a short laugh at a few scenes, but not the comedy I expected it to be. In fact, it was probably one of the blackest comedies I've seen in awhile.

Private U (br) wrote: En av de beste thrillerne jeg har sett. Og spesielt slutten er bra, fordi den er overraskende.

Nate W (us) wrote: Zhang Yimou's "Red Sorghum" is better remembered as a loose collection of set-pieces rather than a straight-forward narrative. This can be seen as a fault, but the way the story is told within said set-pieces is very compelling. Zhang's previous experience as a cinematographer is evident in the film's dazzling Cinemascope compositions and shrewd colour filtering.

Jukka H (gb) wrote: The greatest hits of gory horror scenes, but story wise quite illogical and even tedious.

Luke E (us) wrote: Let me break this down for you. Everyone in this film, and I mean everyone, has a beard. And I'm not talking about just any beards, I'm talking about sleep-in-a-cave, fashion-a-dagger-out-of-a-stick, mistaken-for-bigfoot, Grizzly-freaking-Adams type beards here. So just think about that.

Scott R (kr) wrote: A strong tribute to Lenny Bruce.

Wes P (mx) wrote: One of the best horror movies Ive seen in a LONG time! Sam Raimi at his Best!

Rob W (ag) wrote: This film is by far one of the worst films I have ever seen

Javier F (au) wrote: La idea de mezclar el gnero superheroico con el romntico es interesante, y es lo que hace de la pelcula diferente, sin olvidarnos de unas actuaciones flojas pero algo correctas. Sin embargo, no se puede decir mucho de la historia, y creo que el por qu es obvio.

Jacob B (it) wrote: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse may not quite measure up to the far superior zombie comedies out there such as Zombieland but its humourous sounding title, gleeful zombie gore and plenty of laughs ought to keep its target demographic of teens entertained.