Yuppies 2

Yuppies 2

Continuano le avventure degli yuppies milanesi, sempre tirati a lucido, "di casa" in via Montenapoleone o al Nepentha, impeccabili nel vestire e "vincenti" sul lavoro, un po' meno nella vita privata.

Giacomo, Sandro, Lorenzo, Willy are four young professionals who have two holes in their heads:money and beautiful women. They play very course practical jokes on each other as well. One of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harrison G (de) wrote: Good movie it was not as good as the first but it was good

Matthew B (kr) wrote: The filmmakers who brought you aboard the Space Station 3D invite you to follow the Hubble Space Telescope on its mission to explore the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Follow astronauts up into space as they strive to get the powerful telescope prepared for a fantastic journey of discovery. Witness the birth of a star, and experience the awesome power of a supernova in stunning IMAX 3-D. This movie was amazing in IMAX and the visual's are just to damn pretty to look at in a good way.

Senor C (jp) wrote: A while ago I had seen the trailer for Bare Knuckles on a Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-o-Rama compilation & when that theme song kicked in my interest peaked. Nabbed a copy of this off of the late great Drive-in Classics & stashed it away until now. This movie should actually be a little more well know in exploitation circles & maybe even a sequel made. Robert Viharo is pretty badass (whiskey, black coffee & unfiltered cigarettes) in a macho 70s kinda way & kicks some serious ass w/ his bare hands giving this its title that it richly deserves. Pretty cool bounty hunter flix w/ a touch of blaxploitation. Although much of it's enjoyment comes from Viharo it's unjustly over looked

Vince F (kr) wrote: **outof****I watched this not knowing anything about it, as well as not expecting much but the film delivered in being an ENTERTAINING watch overall. It has a super fast pace, and once it gets going, it NEVER stops for a catch of breathe.The movie has five interchangeable wannabe-thespian teeny bopper chicks driving home from the out of town football game only to get lost in the desolate road in a godforsaken backwater, where the only gas station for miles is run by 80 year old hicks, who introduce themselves by spewing phlegm. After hitting a parked SUV at the gas station, they panic and flee the scene of the accident, then to only to be quickly followed, taunted and eventually assaulted, tortured ,raped, verbally insulted,etc by a psychotic, butch dike, Rosie O'Donnel like FEMALE who has murdered her family or something and keeps their bodies enclosed in her vehicle for safe keeping. The movie never really declares who this villain is,or wtf her problem is but there are some character traits such as her hate for young females because they apparently stole her husband away from her sprinkled throughout.The movie is extremely low budget and tries to compensate by going the Blair Witch-Shaky Cam reality way, but it got pretty chaotic and it was hard to tell what was going on due to the lack of proper lighting or proper audio devices. The director had a hard time communicating what the hell was going on or what he intended. Lot's of shaky, blurry shot, bad editing type stuff going on here. The movies best quality is it's brutality and idiotic characters and their actions. These spice girl rejects go through hell I must admit. They all displayed complete incompetence to their situation that eventually became so moronic that I laughed my ass off! If you've never seen a movie where the chick uses her own feces as defense against a shotgun wielding dike, then you finally will here! Also, the females mistake SCREAMING for acting, and all they do is bicker for the most part. Bcomes very comical. They came off as pretty useless too, such as one scene where after being forced to suck on the dikes tongue or something and crotch-fondled, one girl vows to get revenge, with her homies vowing to back her up ( the scene shows them picking up whatever they can in the van well all staring squinty eyed), but then the camera got all shaky again and somehow the butch dike has all of them tied up or knocked out and even shoves her shotgun up one girls anus, how the hell did that happen? I was baffled how dumb they were. The movie had ZERO amounts of good taste and went all out in hopes of offending. I respected that and the highlight scene that disgusted me involved a screwdriver and a females certain orifice. Didn't see that coming! NICE! The revenge inflicted on the villain was also very satisfying and made the whole helter skelter trip worth it. A odd soundtrack that used a mixture of techno, heavy metal, lousy pop and even Happy Hard Core(BLEH!) popped up, uneven but the techno and heavy metal worked!Nothing groundbreaking in this "tortured and raped then seek revenge" sub genre of horror but still delivers some smutty thrills.

Amber B (de) wrote: She plays a slutty character here, but watch for so much MORE from Jessica Chastain!

anett m (it) wrote: it want. let me watch

Louise M (it) wrote: The sheep farmers disturbed me :S

Michael K (es) wrote: I rarely give 5 stars but this movie takes one of the most difficult subjects, the last days of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, and turns it into a compelling and emotionally charged masterpiece. It does not shy away from portraying the evil of the man and the regime, and Bruno Ganz's performance as Hitler is exceptional in it's brutal honesty, but it also offers up glimpses of the good that survived despite being surrounded by all that hate and brutality. Viewed in it's original German with English subtitles, when one recalls the voice of Adolf Hitler from historic footage and then hears Bruno Ganz, chills may well run down one's spine. This is where all the pieces that make great cinema come together and grab the viewer from the first shot until the credits roll.

Lorraine L (au) wrote: I...don't understand why this is a 'modern classic'. Lots of blow-jobs, lots of full frontal nudity, lots of rape, lots of incest. And quite suddenly, the film is over. But well...this celebration of excess and glorification of sex perhaps best conveys the feeling of jubilation and liberation in Spain's post-Franco era? (I honestly don't know...) And...while all that porno sex can be shocking/offensive, perhaps it succeeded in tickling our 'moral sensitivities' imposed on us by 'civilisation' but which in fact goes against all human nature/instincts? This is perhaps what the movie is about - the protagonists, with their inner urges suppressed, dreamed away their lives like zombies; but with their desires fulfilled, they found their voice again. So perhaps the movie is not just about the 'liberation' of its protagonists, but also the (hoped) 'liberation' of its audience upon seeing the film.(Why am I defending Almodovar? Whatever I say, my mom would still think he's totally perverted. Well, maybe this is just a porno in the disguise of arthouse)Oh and I love Almodovar's cameo! Little fat guy in tight leather dress. Adorable :)

Christopher B (es) wrote: Likely better as a stage play, this rendition has several great moments. A treat to see Taylor 'without' makeup.

jay n (ca) wrote: The script is a contrived bit of silliness but Ava is gorgeous and game.

Thomas B (ca) wrote: It's a little too pleased with itself for the amount that actually manages to achieve. Full review later.

Michael D (kr) wrote: A bit long,but I am a bit nostalgic for this one.