Yuppies - I giovani di successo

Yuppies - I giovani di successo

A dentist, a car salesman, a lawyer and a PR man, who idolize Gianni Agnelli, FIAT chairman, decide to spend their holidays in Cortina D'Ampezzo, a famous ski-resort in Italy.

A dentist, a car salesman, a lawyer and a PR man, who idolize Gianni Agnelli, FIAT chairman, decide to spend their holidays in Cortina D'Ampezzo, a famous ski-resort in Italy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (gb) wrote: This is a very innovative and unique sci-fi film. While it is an entertaining film from beginning to end, with the middle segment (the one with the robot reaching enlightenment) being the most serious, the film strives to make you think first and foremost. There is a lot of social commentary on the state of politics, while I'm sure it was to reflect South Korean politics, the political themes in this film are universal. During the first segment, the zombie outbreak, several politicians from multiple parties blame each other for the virus outbreak, among other things. I thought the middle segment, as already mentioned, was probably the most thought-provoking of all the segments. These are themes that are common in sci-fi, what if a robot achieved a state of nirvana, as is described in the film, how would people react to that. While they do look at this on a smaller scale, the story progression is still very interesting. I think this segment, with its heavy dialogue and lack of humor, will probably be looked at as the sole "boring" segment of the film, but I think it's anything but. As mentioned, it's a very intelligent and thought-provoking short. The last segment, with the asteroid, was probably the funniest of them all. It had the strongest acting of all the shorts too. With that said, if it wasn't for the comedy and the acting, this segment would've been the weakest of all the shorts by a country mile. But these strong aspects help to keep it at the same level as all the other shorts. I realize this isn't a very good review, but it's considerably harder to individually review three sci-fi shorts without making the review over 10,000 words. Review horror anthologies is considerably easier since most of them aren't designed to be thought-provoking. With that said, even with this incredibly shitty review, I thought this film was very good and intelligent. It's also a beautifully shot film, all three shorts are just gorgeous. So if you like both entertaining and intelligent sci-fi films, then this film is right up your highly.

Facebook U (de) wrote: Well crafted story full of human flaws. Not the movie, the humans (englishes in fact). Using the non-linear narrative, the story is presented as a mlange, a mixed dish, or even a full meal with several dishes that the director picks. On e dish, the next, back to the salad, a bite of meat, etc. We are revolted at first. Then the story reveals itself with bites from the meat dish and we get a bit more. This until nearing the end, we can piece the story together and the guy appears nicer, for an english anyway. He still comes out as edgy, but we understand the outrage. Nice way to make us think about what we may perceive as odd, outragous, stupid, in life or talking gossip may be but a small facet not revealing much of the story. What we know informs what we see and interpret. Beautiful and believable.

Liang L (jp) wrote: It's a classic haha. Like a film version of Glee. Or Glee is the tv version of it.

Igor K (nl) wrote: A warm and cute little film from Schweiger which gives the classic rollercoast of laughter and melancholic sadness. The two main charachters are a nice match and definitly there is much chemistry between them. In some places the humor was flat and not the funniest but the song Halleluyah saved the day, at least for me.

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: Not a good movie to watch

Kay L (gb) wrote: Pretty cheesey 90s flick. Antonio Banderasis the hell out of this one.

Brian N (jp) wrote: This is not David Lynch's best film by a long shot. While his films are egerally slow moving and detail orientated, many are masterpieces. This one was slow and a bit incoherent at times. The performances were ok but most of the characters weren't very memorable. Nick Cage and Laura Dern had moments, William Dafoe was the stand out. This film just lacked. It seemed to want to shock now and then but had no story to back it up.

Private U (it) wrote: Saw this movie when I was 14. Has completely shaped my life.

Michael N (mx) wrote: Redford at his peak in the 70s. He holds the whole film together without much dialogue. Excellent cinematography and script. The film is ironic, in that Jeremiah turns his back on civilization and pays the price for his freedom.

Matthew P (jp) wrote: I loved this movie up until the last act where I think it fell apart.

Michael A (kr) wrote: On est en 1960, le fantaisiste Richard Quine s'assombrit et signe avec "Strangers when we meet" une chronique ordinaire facon Douglas Sirk, la trivialite en plus. Tact inoui, histoire de coeurs et histoire de corps : assurement son plus grand film.

Russell G (ca) wrote: Two young college-age friends hit a juncture in their lives. Each of them loses their serious girlfriends and lean on each other to cope and plot on how to win them back. To distract themselves from their troubles, they choose to hang out at the mall. There they encounter and introduce the audience to a slew of unusual friends and enjoyably exaggerated enemies. Overall, it is a pair of simple feel good romance stories enlivened by the strong presence of secondary characters serving as effective comedic relief. It jumps around with numerous tangents, but eventually the inside jokes and separate facets begin to connect and refer to themselves, making for compounding laughs. Having so many people and sub-plots also makes it a good movie to enjoy multiple times. The dialogue is full of unforgiving raunchy humor, slapstick gags, and pop culture references. Adults who take life too seriously or cannot remember what it is like to be young will roll their eyes at this, but there is much more to this than the typical movie pandering to 90s MTV generation. In addition to sharp writing with attention to detail, Jason Lee is the difference maker. His unfiltered sarcasm and insensitive opinions are hysterical. In a movie with so many fragments, he serves as an important semi-narrator that brings everything together in a cohesive way. Lee steals the show with his personality and elevates this movie to an enduring cult classic that I will always love.

Cece Z (ca) wrote: Loved this movie. So moving and sad. True love story.