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Yuvakudu torrent reviews

Tony L (nl) wrote: A good move that was not marketed well.

Randall L (au) wrote: An interesting collection of stories that will make sure to leave you thinking afterwards.

Bill B (br) wrote: It's an okay, middle of the road ghost story, nothing that just blew me away, but still a watchable flick to kill an afternoon with.Rental?

Luis G (ag) wrote: This was bad. The 2 stars are for the actors.

Humra I (fr) wrote: I wouldn't call this a horror, but it was a good movie!

Don S (us) wrote: A sad social commentary on the lives of young adults who are only looking to hook up and consider many sexual acts including fellatio to be so common they don't even count as sex. While there are pretty ladies getting out of clothes, there isn't enough of that to make up for the stench of the philosophies spouted by these poor, misguided losers.

Lukas Z (br) wrote: Unthinkable delivers a strong message and ask tough questions all while being an exciting thriller with strong performances on its own.