The Samrat of Suryadesh, Suryadev, travels to Pushpapuri in order to wed Rajkumari Nandini, but instead ends up getting married to her maid, Meenakshi, much to the chagrin of Nandini.

The Samrat of Suryadesh, Suryadev, travels to Pushpapuri in order to wed Rajkumari Nandini, but instead ends up getting married to her maid, Meenakshi, much to the chagrin of Nandini. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Yuvraaj torrent reviews

Saif K (br) wrote: An outstanding movie depicting true enemies of Pakistan.

Dena S (ag) wrote: so many levels of bad but funny with at least one fairly good death scene

Yifan C (ca) wrote: Just give it a try, you can always go back to your whatever diet if not satisfied.

Carlos M (de) wrote: Gans deserves praise for investing in the movie's atmosphere with an evocative cinematography and several stunning sets that look incredibly disturbing and creepy as hell - but even so, some of the scenes are way too uncomfortably graphic and the CGI creatures look atrocious.

Herlina G (jp) wrote: The movie is average.. but I love the house, it's charming..

Jayakrishnan R (ru) wrote: 73%Saw this on 12/2/16Friday is not that funny, whatever small laughs the film manages to bring, its because of the cast, especially by John Witherspoon who is the only consistently funny player here. However, Friday attains some momentum towards the end, however it's still a let down compared to the expectations I had.

Spookie M (kr) wrote: Pretty lame entry in the ski comedy subgenre. Mostly just really annoying characters and lots of toplessness.

Tracey c (de) wrote: Though now an obvious companion piece to THE PATRIOT, I think SWEET LIBERTY was really Alda's chance to revisit M*A*S*H. It must've occurred to him during the production of M*A*S*H that he often took "sweet liberties" with the history of the Korean War in order to get a laugh, and I think the collective guilt of his many affronts to history must finally have caught up with him. Sure, SWEET LIBERTY is set in South Carolina, but really I think it's about Korea. And maybe that's one of the reasons it's not as funny as it might've been. It's allegory, when Alda probably had something more direct on his mind.

J M (mx) wrote: A frustratingly clinical film with few surprises. Attenborough delivers an embarrassingly uninventive one-note psycho performance as Christie, which destroys the picture's verisimilitude when contrasted with director Fleischer's plodding realization of an already extremely downbeat story. The only respite from the tedium comes in the form of young John Hurt's performance as a flawed but well-intentioned man of the working class, victimized by circumstance and rendered helpless by the ignorance of the justice system. Unfortunately, Hurt is equally helpless in terms of saving the movie, as was I in forcing myself to finish watching it.

Marcus W (kr) wrote: Starts well but then begins to drag before running out of steam and crawling slowly to a conclusion.

John T (jp) wrote: Like monsters squad, only they're midgets... Stupid and bad acting, but it does have some humor to it.

Frances H (ru) wrote: Comedic genius! One of my fave comedies! Vince Vaughn just plays himself, but Ben Stiller ,Stephen Root, Rip Torn, Alan Tudyk, and Jason Bateman were all hilarious! Nothing like a sports underdog movie that is totally devoted to silliness!

Andrew M (us) wrote: Hancock is hilarious and action packed. Hancock is probably Will Smith's best movie yet. I would very much suggest this movie.

Joshua B (kr) wrote: The worst of the 3 but still great and worth a watch!

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Theo W (gb) wrote: Treasure Planet so badly wants to be a Disney classic with its brilliant twist on a classic story and incredible visuals. But its cookie-cutter characters are less than memorable, lacking the blend of familiarity and originality of the rest of the film. The design of the sets and characters is too brilliant to ignore this film.

Paula R (it) wrote: I thouroughly enjoyed it. This movie held my attention and has made it's mark in the world.