Yüz numarali adam

Yüz numarali adam

A poor young man chosen by a advertising company, and they made him a public hero to make him advertise poor quality products that no one buy.

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Kate C (es) wrote: Hilarious! Made me laugh out loud! Cathryn Michon is Brilliant!!

Giacomo V (au) wrote: "Man hat Arbeitskrfte gerufen, und es kommen Menschen."

Grant R (br) wrote: Well it was good, the music was catchy but High School Musical was better!!!

Marc O (ag) wrote: Very endearing. A hidden gem.

Caleb L (es) wrote: Cheesy is the only word to describe this 1990 TV movie. The appearances of well-known actors and some nice set pieces make it entertaining. The plot is quite eerie, but it's ruined by the admittedly embarrassing execution.

Shantel D (au) wrote: A classic! Sleepaway Camp is great - terrible acting (part of it's charm), slutty teenagers... totally 80's. The reason this has such a cult following is because of the shocking reveal at the end. Shocking indeed...especially when you are only 14 when you see it the first time, haha!

Brad S (de) wrote: First time watching this, i found it pretty amusing. I haven't seen many films with Dudley Moore, maybe just "Arthur" so his humour is new to me. Fun movie and worth a watch!

Harold A (mx) wrote: Really awful. Worse than corny. Pompously corny. Preachy corny. Overly melodramatic. Pass on this, not Nathaniel West.

John R (kr) wrote: 140111: Enjoyed this film quite a bit except...still can't figure out Keanu Reeves' appeal. I don't think I've ever seen a movie I've enjoyed him in. Made me seek out the story behind these events.

Emily J (fr) wrote: What a strange film. I couldn't make out the style: the wooden acting, the bizarre 'comedy' moments. I think it was perhaps taking the piss out of a certain genre I'm unfamiliar with. I wasn't bored, though, just fascinated at such a strange style of film with peculiar attempts at comedy.

Borris Brato Ghosh G (kr) wrote: The Eiger Sanction (1975)

Grant S (jp) wrote: Great motor racing movie, possibly the best non-documentary motor racing ever. (If you include documentaries, however, "Senna" takes it).Excellent racing scenes. Every race was seat-of-your-pants stuff. Nothing was predictable: by the time of the last race there were still several possibilities open to how the movie was going to end. The last race was one of the more intense 15 minutes or so in cinema history. There was a huge feeling of impending doom, but you did not know for whom (or even that it was for only one person).Great cinematography during the racing scenes. It was like being there. Plus you get to feel what it is like to be someone in the crowd, or in the pits, or in the press.However, the non-racing scenes detract from the quality of the movie. Yes, they show the private lives of the racers and make them more human, but they aren't done very well. The non-racing stuff doesn't develop the characters much, even though with all that time spent (and it is a lot) you'd think it would.In the end the non-racing stuff just feels like padding, blowing out the running time and making it boring in stretches.Good performances from James Garner and Yves Montand. However, nobody else really measures up. Jessica Walter was unconvincing and Eva Marie Saint, for all her talent (thinking North By Northwest), just seems a bit spare. Francois Hardy does a decent job, and looks stunning doing it, but has little screen time, or impact on the movie.