Z Storm

Z Storm

This is a story about the biggest financial fraud attempted in Hong Kong, directed at the Government of Hong Kong and involved all 7 million Hong Kong citizens... no one is free from the scheme. Within the four decades of guarding Hong Kong's financial integrity, the ICAC has never come across an opponent so huge and so well organized as in the Z Torrent file... shadowy figures from the underworld of South America, Italy and Europe all ready to plot against the estimated 150 million dollars of Hong Kong citizens' tax money which was pooled in a fund called the WELFARE FUND. High profile chartered accountants, high ranking law enforcers, power lawyers, the super entrepreneurs; they all have their shares of play but none can really grasp the big picture; they are there only for what they desire most.

One day, a girl who had wounded eyes suddenly appeared at the investigation department, wanted to accuse the chef of department on corruption. Person in charge of investigations together with the team members in the process of investigating found it not simple, because the chef was Director of Department. He did not only prevent but also abusing position and power to carry out criminal acts. When the clues gradually had been revealed, many witnesses were murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna D (kr) wrote: This movie highlights some interesting points regarding how we have become so polarized. It is interesting to note how the extreme rhetoric we are subjected to from both the left and the right wing media has potentially fueled divisions among us. The lesson I took from it - Be selective about where you get your information, refrain from the entertainment shows and opinion websites that are masquerading as news outlets. Or, if you do choose to consume their information, at least be aware of their tactics so you can discern truth from hype.

Pedro B (mx) wrote: Primeiro do Festria 2010. Os Jogos de 1936 em Berlim foram marcados por muitas histrias. Mas esta foi a de uma Marie que ficou conhecida pra histria e de uma Gretel que por motivos religiosos os nazi's no a deixaram participar... Um bom filme! ? caso para dizer que basta um nico individuo para fazer o que est correcto.

Another V (mx) wrote: I like the main actors in this, but...I wanted to like this, but...Just wasn't quite what I was looking for. It's not that I don't like Jamie Lee Curtis paired with Tim Allen. Maybe it's the storyline, or certain moments where the humor just isn't my cup of tea. Or something. Other moments were funny. Hmmm, just not sure.An early problem I had with this movie is when Mr Krank is getting ready to tell Mrs Krank about the getaway trip idea and she mistakenly thinks he's in the mood for love and then gets rejected by her darling husband...That was awkward to watch, and I remember thinking, "No wonder they only had ONE daughter. He could at least have given her a kiss given how excited she seemed." Oh well. It's comedy right?When the Kranks decide they want to escape the holidays this year, sounds like a good idea to me. Their circle of friends, neighbors, and coworkers seem to have a real problem with this, which makes no sense to me, but ok.I really wanted to see the Kranks go to their tropical vacation. How cute that they were working on their tans. The local priest seemed a little weird when he stood in front of them at the tanning place staring at Mrs. Krank's bikini top! Like that's any of his business.Unfortunately for the Kranks, their daughter informs them at the last minute she is coming home for the holidays with her new fiance with whom she plans to have many babies, which throws a wrench into all their vacation plans. Well, maybe next year somebody will get their Carribean cruise vacation!The ending: a classic neighborhood Christmas party, thrown together in a few hours by a Christmas miracle, with lots of good will, togetherness, and some magical Christmas snow.

Chris V (ag) wrote: One of my favorite teen comedies, and probably Katie Holmes best film. Loved every minute of it.

Aaron M (ru) wrote: Top 5 sports documentary of all time.

Barry Y (ag) wrote: I really liked this movie, but most of you will probably hate it. Definitely do not see this movie that I enjoyed. It has terrible reviews. I've seen it 2-3 times.

Bob M (fr) wrote: I used to watch this all the time when I was kid. Recently rewatched... I must have been brain dead or something.

Tracy F (br) wrote: How have I not ever seen this?? All the young guys from 80's movies in this silly, fun movie. Must have been their first movies.

Mark W (mx) wrote: I actually found My Bloody Valentine a rather average slasher movie which was heavily let down by possibly the worst cast I have ever witnessed (and for a slasher that says a lot)... Paul Kelman was just absolutely awful! That aside the story was fair, somewhat reminiscent of Halloween, but still decent enough to get by... Unfortunately nothing in this movie really stood out to me comparable to other 80's slasher!

Andy C (jp) wrote: A cinematic sideshow, let us mock and judge weird cultures from all over the world, I guess? I was supposed to be shocked or something, but we covered weirder shit in freshman-level anthropology.

Chuck C (es) wrote: a surprisingly good classic horror flick.

Felipe F (jp) wrote: Wild Strawberries finds writer-director Ingmar Bergman at his most eloquent, gracious and sentimental in this road trip about an elderly doctor reminiscing about the past and engaging in existencial dialogues.