Two gunfighters separate and experience surreal visions on their journey through the west.

Two gunfighters separate and experience surreal visions on their journey through the west. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steffan L (us) wrote: Amazing movie super saiyan god is op

Dan D (gb) wrote: 1st story was not too good, 2nd was shockingly great, 3rd was alright I guess, 4th was depressing as fuck, 5th was just stupid, and 6th was even worse. 1 out of 6 isn't too bad, I guess.

Josh A (gb) wrote: One and a half hours of mostly nothing happening (and no dialogue), sprinkled with sporadic episodes of grisly cruelty. If a museum tour guide had told this story in 10-15 minutes it would have held my interest.

John A (us) wrote: This Interesting & Very Well Made Crime Drama Was Inspired By True Events. This Crime Drama With A Difference Has Got A Somewhat Charm To It. The Teaming Up Of Director Werner Herzog & David Lynch Are Excellent. The Film Also Boasts A Great Cast. The Film Looks Great But Like All Others Has It's Flaws. One That's Worth A Viewing, But One That Is Probably Easily Forgotten.

Jason B (it) wrote: I feel a review is necessary to justify my rating. First, this film is based on a true story that the director/writer was actually involved in. This film takes place in New York City, focusing itself around a woman and her two children. What happens, is her husband abandoned her, leaving her (by the way she is not very good at english) by herself to raise two kids, and goes through a dramatic, but real struggle in trying to be able to even afford a roof over her head and her children, while still having to be a reliable mother. I appreciate this films objective, BUT, I felt there were many more layers for this film in terms of character, the setting perfect, and I appreciate the fact that the film was not over dramatized, but there was such opportunity for these wonderful characters, and it felt flat. For an 80 minute movie,it felt long. I believe what this film needed was a larger focus on the family than on the mother. Now there were a lot of family moments, but I felt it could have gone farther, because one person's struggles is interesting, but when there are 3 people all struggling it becomes touching and emotional, and when a mother is fighting for her children's survival it drives a bullet right through the heart, and I would have loved to see more of that, and more of the struggle and determination. So the final census, the film had a nice message, and showed true human life, however it lacked in human relationships and human contact, the thing that make all of these inspiring, unbelievable stories relatable thus leaving the audience flat.

James U (nl) wrote: a story of a young man caught up in gun culture and gang violence on a volotile estate in london and his plight to get out.

Nils V (mx) wrote: Plottet i denne filmen viste seg vre langt mer ambisist og komplekst enn hva jeg hadde forventet etter ha sett den frste halvdelen. Den hadde en rekke tvister som jeg ikke helt var i stand til forutse - noe jeg synes den skal ha kreditt for. Nr det er sagt, s var det ikke en film jeg ble overveldende fascinert av. Dette er ikke helt min type film, men allikevel overraskende bra til snn type film vre.

Daniel P (mx) wrote: Doesn't compete with the book

Ryan V (it) wrote: Solid family film about twins who are discovering they have special abilities and mysterious origins.

Arya S (gb) wrote: of 'brood' quality, if not better :)

Cecile M (br) wrote: a heartbreaking movie about a family being torn apart

Martin P (au) wrote: This is the movie I will always remember.

Roy S (br) wrote: I love this movie. Some professional critics don't care for it, but amateurs like me tend to like it a lot. Sure, nits can be picked. Welles's Irish accent is not good, and the plot may have a hole or two, and there is even a bit of sloppiness in some aspects of craftsmanship. The exuberance with which it was made more than makes up for any flaws. The cinematography in particular is simply astounding, and Rita Hayworth sure classes up the joint.

Dominic O (us) wrote: I thought there would be more Texas Hold'em, but there was more than enough Famke Janssen :P. Great flick, just a step above indy. Music was awesome and the pacing though a bit slow was really great too. Great movie, easily recommended to anyone with a beating heart. I can understand the criticism that it is pointless, but if you ignore it and just watch it, you'll find it compelling.