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Walter M (gb) wrote: In "Hop," Justin(Kalomba Mboyi) desperately wants to watch the upcoming soccer match but his father Dieudonne(Ansou Diedhiou) is afraid that stealing cable could bring unwanted attention to their undocumented status. However, upon seeing his son's straight A's, he relents. And then almost immediately regrets it when the downstairs neighbors are so upset at their poor television reception that they toss Dieudonne's television out the window which does get the attention of the authorities. He is arrested while Justin gets away, stowing away in the back of Frans'(Jan Decleir) van. At first, Frans wants nothing more to do with him but soon warms to him with Frans' friend Gerda's(Antje de Boeck) intervention at the police station possibly staving off Dieudonne's deportation for a day. Proving that any movie that gets both pygmy and anarchist into the same sentence cannot be all bad, "Hop" initially cultivates the eyes with its crisp black and white cinematography with a couple of well-timed splashes of color. To its credit, the movie smartly explores such serious issues as immigration and identity in Belgium where there is a more than healthy mistrust of the authorities and that is divided by language which is supposed to be united by soccer. However, while the idea of The Hop makes sense in theory, the movie is seemingly unwilling to seriously explore its consequences, falling on the sentimental and cliched side of the equation in the process.

kelly (de) wrote: This film does a terrific job at eliminating audience members - weeding out the weak. Do not watch this film if you can't handle: gratuitous gore of the intestine eating sort, explicit gay sex (between zombies using fresh improvised gashes as sexual orifices), frequent cross-cutting of "reality" and "film", and dedicating major segments of the film to an art house indie director criticizing art house and non-mainstream film. But if you're a weirdo like me and think all of that sounds like a hella good time, you will or will not be disappointed ;)Some things that are truly outstanding here: the director character's lover is constantly encapsulated in a bubble of silent film; the lengths to which this director goes to be "avant garde" and the heights to which those attempts accidentally succeed and the hilarious depths to which they intentionally fail. Otto, the main zombie character, is constantly battling for a sense of identity, and his story juxtaposed and interweaving with this director's vision (Up With Dead People is the title of her film) makes the titling very apt (which the title itself is a wink-wink nudge-nudge satirical jab at fringe cinema). Ultimately, this is not so much a film about zombies as it is a film about film; the zombie aspect is merely used as fuel for probing the subject of identity in both the personal and social arena.Hot Gay Sex notes: for those looking to avoid poorly done zombie sex and see hardcore human/human (in appearance) gay male sex in the context of narrative feature, around 1:20:00 is the best example; beyond that you're on your own and in for some zombie/zombie, zombie/human combos

Pamela D (au) wrote: Four stars for mood and atmosphere despite dreadful plot flaws.WHERE THE TRUTH LIES (2005)WRITTEN BY: Atom Egoyan, adapted from the novel by Rupert HolmesDIRECTED BY: Atom EgoyanFEATURING: Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth, Alison Lohman, David Hayman, Rachel Blanchard, Maury Chaykin, Sonja Bennett, and Kristin AdamsGENRE: MysteryTags: drama, thrillerPLOT: Racy themes dealing with contrasts between performers' on-stage and public personalities versus their private personas dominate this showbiz intrigue yarn about a journalist probing the death of a prostitute found in a famous comedy duo's hotel suite. Note when you see the film, how the title has a triple meaning.COMMENTS: Where The Truth Lies is the first mainstream film I have seen from the quirky Canadian, Atom Egoyan, of whose dark, sardonic, sometimes excruciating material I am quite fond. The movie seems to have been harshly received by critics. This is not surprising given a trend in which they condemn any effort that portrays the showbiz industry in an unflattering light. The storyline of Where The Truth Lies however, is flawed. There are some genuine plot stretches, and some unnecessary contrivances. Some of what was depicted just wasn't sensible or realistic. The plot has more holes in it than the windshield of Tiger Wood's SUV after one of his wife's golf club editorials about his latest weekend absence. But the thing of it is, I didn't really notice while I was watching. That's because Where The Truth Lies is so stylishly done! The camera work is stunningly skillful, as is the editing. I loved the footage of the hilltop, glass-walled Stahl House location, with it's panoramic view of the city, as the set for Vince's (Firth) home. The musical score is just gorgeous, a standalone, very artful bit of noir. I loved the characters and acting. I disagree with criticisms of Lohman's performance being unconvincing. I thought she was great. Lohman is striking and becoming, as are Adams, and Blanchard. While it is unlikely that many journalists look like starlets, Lohman was adequately cast. Firth, Chaykin and Hayman give intriguing performances as always. I think that after that awful movie, Footloose (maybe the single most stupid Hollywood movie ever made), Bacon has been tops in everything he has done, and generally works in pretty good films. No, he is not a Sir Lawrence Olivier, or a Max von Sydow, but he brings a convincing quality to his work, yet it seems to be mysteriously chic for critics to disavow and underrate him.Where The Truth Lies is a sheer noir atmosphere piece, plain and simple. The story is idiotic, and some of it is a bit confusing to follow. In places, one must activate closed captions to catch the correct wording of significantly pivotal, but mumbled key dialogue. Such shortcomings notwithstanding, for a mystery, Where The Truth Lies maintained my curiosity and attention. This is the case despite a solution which is right out the most stereotypically pedestrian, British mystery pulp novel. The film has a cinematic signature similar to those of Casino, Zodiac, The Doors, and Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders (2006). (This later, direct-to-video film is a partly fictional, partly speculative thriller based on the real life crimes. Despite complaints that it is low budget, it is not. It is to date, the most engrossing, stylish, chic, slick thriller I have seen. Rampage is the closest one of these in tone, visual footprint and overall feel to Where The Truth Lies. Where The Truth Lies is the only movie I have seen to offer a viewing sensation that is in the same class.)My other criticism of Where The Truth Lies is that the sex is gratuitous, and used to dress up the story. Yet I admit it; the sex is one of things I liked best about the movie.I know that is rather debased. It also means I fell right into the trap. Scenes like the one which features the infamous leg crossing shot in Joe Eszterhas's Basic Instinct exist to draw in the lowest common denominator of audience. In fact, the entire movie was produced just to flaunt that vignette. There are other examples. Even Malle's artful Pretty Baby, really a very good film, was made mainly to showcase a 12 year old Brooke Shield's butt. This is not very cerebral filmmaking.In Where The Truth Lies, the salacious lovemaking between beautiful Alice (Adams) and Karen (Lohman) projects the most eye-poppingly erotic, absolutely stunning oral sex scene I have ever witnessed in a movie. Scalding hot and delightfully scandalous given the story context, the brief frames are downright spectacular. The portrayal of the act is neither tawdry nor sordid or prolonged. It is tasteful, even beautiful, proving that Egoyan can make the best erotica in the business, even if his skill at choosing a sensible mystery script is as flawed as the plot of Where The Truth Lies.In the throes of a dreamy, lust saturated haze, Karen surrenders to her desires. and is swept away by a stream of passion for saucy Alice. Back arched, her perfect body (body double?) beautifully illuminated, Alice between her legs stops, looks up at Karen and smiles, her mouth glistening in the moonlight with Karen's excitement. She tells Karen, "I like you," before dipping back down to continue. I thought I would die!! I could not believe that without showing anymore nudity than three brief flashes of breasts, Egoyan could make such a scene seem so viscerally explicit. I almost felt guilty being an observer. Atom Egoyan accomplished it so stylishly. It drove me up the wall!We see Karen's blissful, ecstatic, reaction shot, as her head rolls back, her face betraying that she is in the absolute throes of pleasure. The light around her intensifies, artfully washing over her countenance symbolizing a cascade of unbridled orgasms. In filming that sequence the way he did, making it so sassy, sharp, and ethereal, Egoyan spawned years worth of fantasies for me. Does this make Where The Truth Lies a better movie? Can it substitute for an intelligent plot with clever twists? No, quite the opposite. But it surely made it memorable. Wow!

mike d (it) wrote: Really very good indeed. Theres a lot of humour in it and theyve got the atmosphere perfect....the only criticism I have about it is that there could have been a more varied soundtrack with classical pieces from various composers (like Master and Commander did) but sadly thats not here at all...but all is not lost what they have put in is some songs sung by the crew which are very nice...if youre a fan of a film like Master and Commander I strongly recommend you seeing this one.

Jameson W (au) wrote: Excellent performance by Sally Field!

Anna S (it) wrote: Movies like this are rare to come by these days.

Josh Y (au) wrote: Talking to Gabriel...."So, you're keeping me alive because you don't know DOS"...haha awesome! Great movie!

Dream (it) wrote: Not as cool as Herioc Trio, but still pretty good.

Scott C (ru) wrote: I wouldn't mind seeing this again, just to catch Heather Graham in an early role. I remember it being really bleak and not that gripping though.

dido (kr) wrote: the top one of Yimou Zhang! ?

Johnny F (es) wrote: This is an amazing Western.

Uriel A V (us) wrote: La mejor pelicula mexicana (y una de las mas absurdas) de la historia.

Dan S (ag) wrote: The powerhouse team of Gable & Tracy reunited. Excellent.

Jerry F (it) wrote: Kept watching only because Richard Gere was his usual good self. Very dark but probably a good illustration of how the cops are in Brooklyn ? Rented the DVD and very glad that I didn't pay to go in the Cinema for it.

William F (us) wrote: I liked it, it was like watching beavis and butthead, but with girls :)

Dave C (ru) wrote: Maggie Smith is great.The film was not bad/you could tell it was a stage play

Tony P (us) wrote: Slasher horror from 1988 that follows a 'Maniac Cop' killer amongst the ranks of the New York Police Department.The film follows the familiar story of some mad killer killing at random with the gore factor to keep momentary attention.At times I felt I was watching an episode of an eighties cop show like Miami Vice with the cheesy soundtrack and at other times The A-Team with station wagons flying through the air in slow motion.The cast includes Bruce Campbell who is better known for The Evil Dead films.I barely recognised the rest of the cast who no doubt were extras on various television shows of the period like Cagney and Lacey!I didn't care about the characters at all even when they were being calliusly murdered by some crazy fool.What surprised me even more is that the film spawned sequels!Oh well another horror ticked off.