Zagreb Stories

Zagreb Stories

Nine short films are connected into one whole, and they describe life in Croatia's capital of Zagreb.

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Nile M (it) wrote: There is definitely some sort of geniuse to this ridiculous movie.

Michael L (us) wrote: Oh my gosh! Could be CBGB be one of the worst films ever made? This is so bad and so inept, it doesn't deserve an OMG. It feels like it was made by a 12 year old that never left the suburbs during the 80s but dreamed about going to NYC and CBGBs. One after another some look alike actor comes out and lipsyncs a song. Then it ends.

Nicholas W (es) wrote: it's just as good as the the show

Ashley W (fr) wrote: I thought it was an adorable movie and a more kid friendly version of Ray Bradbury's "The Veldt".

David B (nl) wrote: its sort of like a crap version of dumb and dumber

thecla d (au) wrote: i would drink with Gene Gibbons anyday.

Elena H (it) wrote: Pretty much what I expected: a twist on Romeo and Juliet. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing ... The chemistry btw Barnes and Meester was good though.

Dax S (us) wrote: Awesome movie, too bad they kept making more after this one though...

Marcus W (jp) wrote: Like a Bond film that wasn't good enough to be a Bond film