Zaklete rewiry

Zaklete rewiry

A teenage country boy starts working in a restaurant of the famous Pacific Hotel in the 1930s. He soon discovers that to get promoted one needs to conform and sacrifice his dignity.

Set in the early 1930s, a young man finds a job as a dishwasher in a hotel and quickly works his way up the ladder. Loosely based on the novel by Henryk Worcell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben S (fr) wrote: HILARIOUS! In the far future this will definitely be a cult film.

Aava R (ag) wrote: This movie is even more wonderful

Amy D (br) wrote: I love this movie. It is really long if you watch the original cut but it is so worth it. There aren't a lot of boring parts which is surprising given that it's like 3 hours long.I don't even notice or care about the acting because personally I just find the whole story compelling.It is a huge eye-opener.

Roland S (mx) wrote: A nice story about two lives signed by loss and new chances given by life ...

Mike B (br) wrote: I love this movie. Mark Ruffalo gives one of my all time favorite performances, which should have won him an academy award.

Jack P (ca) wrote: An incredibly odd film that first appears to be a weaker version of the original, but then hits the audience with an incredibly dark and sad third act. Could honestly traumatise younger audiences. Otherwise unremarkable, but notable for one of the most misplaced, depressing sequences in family cinema.

Curtis L (br) wrote: Somehow nail gun killing just isn't that big a deal. It's like, "oh no. I got shot with a nail." Then they had to keep shooting them like five or six times, they die, and they run off. It's that exciting.

Mark P (mx) wrote: If you don't live in southern Idaho, I would not recommend this film. If you do live in southern Idaho, this film is highly recommended.

Thomas K (de) wrote: One of my favorite PIXAR films. If you make me cry, and I feel like you earned those tears, then I'll follow you anywhere. I was crying before I had even gotten comfortable in my seat. The fact that my first Bear crush, Ed Asner, was in it certainly didn't hurt.

Fiona B (kr) wrote: Go watch Carry On Up The Khyber. Much funnier.

Robert H (kr) wrote: "Cellphones, how does this newfangled invention work?" That seemed to be the level of understanding and thought put into the script for this movie, which is riddled with more logic and plot holes than Swiss cheese. Assuming you can put your brain on hold for 90 minutes and don't care about suspension of disbelief, then CELLULAR might entertain you. If not, it's probably best to just stay away. The basic plot is about this woman (Kim Basinger) who is kidnapped for some reason (to say why would be a plot spoiler). While in captivity she is somehow able to use a wall phone that got smashed to make a random call in the hope that she might be rescued. The random person who answers is played by Chris Evans and he has to stay on the phone or else the woman will probably die. For me, this film had a very flimsy, ridiculous premise. Often, cell phones in movies have little to no signal when the plot calls for it, but CELLULAR goes too far in the other direction. Seriously, with all of the obstacles that Chris Evans' character comes across there's no way that his phone, much less one made in the early 2000's, could have withstood everything that happens in the film. Still, the film was fitfully entertaining. Most of the performances were adequate for this kind of brainless action film. Chris Evans shows off a little of the chops that he would later use as Steve Rogers, but he was saddled with the rather thankless task of carrying a film where he's on his cellphone almost the entire time. Kim Basinger was ok, but she isn't really given much to do except be the damsel in distress. Even character actor William H. Macy has a supporting role, but he's given even less to do. Most of his part consists of being the butt of jokes revolving around a day spa he wants to start after retiring from the force. He does get a little more to do in the finale, but only through sheer luck. The two best parts of this movie were actually two bit players, Lin Shaye and Rick Hoffman, who provide the funniest moments. From a technical standpoint, however, the film was better than average. The cinematography was decent, and the action was fairly well shot. It's just a shame that this was in service of such a dumb movie. To be honest, I wasn't expecting Shakespeare or anything, but I would have liked something a little more intelligent. By no means a "good" movie, there still was enough entertainment value that my time wasn't completely wasted.