Zameen Aasmaan

Zameen Aasmaan

Disciplinarian Shanti Swaroop (Ashok Kumar) alienates himself from his wife Urmilla (Indrani Mukherjee); son, Ravi (Sunil Dutt), and daughter, Roopa (Yogeeta Bali). His wife passes away, ...

Disciplinarian Shanti Swaroop (Ashok Kumar) alienates himself from his wife Urmilla (Indrani Mukherjee); son, Ravi (Sunil Dutt), and daughter, Roopa (Yogeeta Bali). His wife passes away, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colin E (us) wrote: Unbiased look at what is wrong with the American political process, how we got here, and where we can go to make things better. Every American should watch this film and be informed about how our country historically worked, and how things have degenerated in the last 50 years.

David S (fr) wrote: At times funny, at times sweet. But this one fizzles out pretty quick. Not exactly a must-watch.

Mike M (br) wrote: Both lightweight and exhausting, weaknesses that reveal themselves fully in a second half which employs "Hollyoaks"-level youngsters to address the spectre of HIV, and suggests a spurious link between the failure of the soixante-huitards and the rise of AIDS. (You might as well blame them for swine flu.) We get a lot of drama, but - for all the tie-dye and unshaven underarms - no real sense of history beyond a ceaseless flow of events. Opening with the students already manning the barricades, introducing Casta's character with a gynecologist between her thighs, and perpetually flashing forward rather than looking back, it's an epic swamped with consequences, and exasperatingly short on causality.

Zach B (it) wrote: Back in the eighties, films could be bad because they were fun to watch. If there was a bad film, you can expect it to be campy, enjoyable, and filled with actors that would later grow up to be use sensations. Plus, some films that were okay would later become staples in Pop Culture. As such with Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys. The film was good by itself, help spark the vampire revolution, and to this day has only aged like wine in terms of being good. However, like with most films of the past decade, there had to be a Hollywood sequel to cash in on the love of the original. Some of these sequels have been good. Some have been bad. Lost Boys: The Tribe is a film that fails on all levels except for one. First off, I do not really see the point in continuing this story. It ended at the end of The Lost Boys, there was nothing left to tell, so why was the point? Besides the money that they hope they would make (enough to finance a sequel). But in reality, it was to cash in on the Vampire Rennassance that was sparked in the mid 2000's. So, seeing this film as a modern vampire film, it does get some point of returning to the vampires that were grotesque, evil, cold, and just plain mean spirited. These vampires are as I described them, but they also resemble the vampires of today. The types that look like they are waiting to be in some teen magazine you would find in a drug store. If this film is creditable for anything, it would be that it showcases this generation's views of vampires and how the true vampire fans are expecting the return of real vampires. However, that would be one of only two good things about this film.The other good thing is Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog. Being the original vampire hunter from the first film, it was a huge breath of cold air to see him in this film thirty minutes in. In fact, next to the vampire designs and the soundtrack, he is the only real reason why this film is barely watchable. He does not take this film seriously, he knows it will not be as iconic as the original, but yet he has fun with it. He tries to make the film enjoyable somewhat, and while his attempts are honorable, it just fails. And this is when the film goes down hill. Okay, first off: this film is cheap as crap. I mean, it feels like a made for television film you would catch late on Syfy when they are about to start showing nfomercials of weight-loss pills. Nothing about this film is pleasant to look at, nothing screams that this film was treated with love and care, and watching it, nothing about it keeps you interested. Plus, with the direction, the film goes no where and what we are left with is a dull, lifeless (no pun intended) film that you can pop in at any moment and know exactly who is who and what is going on. Also, the script of this film is so diluted with plot holes that it starts to become embarrassing. We are never told how the vampires even came about in this film, what was up with Tom Slavini's cameo at the start of the film, and how this film is even connected to the first film besides Frog. Then you have how this film goes against it's own logic in terms of the mythology of the first film. And do not get me started on how bad the script is. Half of the dialogue that is said is copied from the first film, the other half reads like someone trying to make the film hip and cool by adding in numerous profanity and scenes of nude women with hopes that it can cover it up. Film lesson: nudity, gore, and profanity do not make a good film.The acting in this film is why we have the razzies. Nothing, at all, is acted out, nothing is notable, even the main actors are a bore. And this is sad considering Angus Sutherland (half brother of Kiefer Sutherland from the first film) is in this film blaming the same role as his half brother. I mean, my word! How much more bland can one get with this film? With the others, they are not even worth my time trying to figure out their names. They were all picked for sex appeal and that is that.Looking at the director of this film, it comes to no shock that the director of the third 'From Dusk Till Dawn' film made this movie. Okay, listen to me: you can not direct vampire films. You can direct their action scenes, but not entire films. The Lost Boys was a film that was distinctively Stomacher, and here it is destroyed. However, while I despise this film, I can not completely hate it. The reason why is because this film is a staple in vampire history as showing what has happened to the vampire genre in the new millennium. This film looks and feels like a cheap porno, is cardboard, and is easily forgettable with the only redeeming quality being Corey Feldman's role.

Arslan K (ru) wrote: This movie comes from mixed reviews but I would say this is a really funny movie. Christopher Walken is amazing in it so is the rock. One of my fav comedies

John N (it) wrote: Even though the film is not as good as the ones in Terminator franchise, Lester's androids are much better than Cameron's.

Robert H (de) wrote: I have no idea who Yahoo Serious is short of the fact that this is his movie but I do know his movie is garbage! It's not only not funny but, and call me an old curmudgeon for saying this, it craps on science and music by reducing them to nothing more than the equivalent of fart jokes. Being that science and music are two of the things I love, this film just plain rubbed me the wrong way.I don't mind having some good fun with the subjects or with spoof films but this film is just ridiculously stupid and it makes no sense. Did I ever like this film? I don't even remember ever seeing it. I do remember the crazy cover but that's about it.Well... luckily I didn't pay a lot of money for this waste of a DVD.

Susan S (jp) wrote: This is the first older Indian film I've seen that made me cry. Three times!

Shawn W (au) wrote: They don't really make adventure movies like this anymore. Bronson as a 1800's secret service agent uncovering activities Uncle Sam would not approve of. Lauter and Bronson would later team up in the excellent Death Wish 3.

Tino P (de) wrote: Shaped by Todd Haynes' fantastic direction and powered by a strong cast led by Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, Carol lives up to its groundbreaking source material.