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Ryan R (nl) wrote: Beautifully animated. Only issue that I have is that all the sound effects sound like they're coming from someone's mouth recorded into an audio recorder.

Sam T (fr) wrote: A stirring account of the anti-war efforts within the U.S. military. It's an important addition to Vietnam war chronicles.

Saleha K (ru) wrote: it really is Hungama!!!!!

John R (us) wrote: So political I couldn't finish it. Maybe later.

Anthony G (us) wrote: If u never saw this ur a fuckin lame! This movie is funny as shit. Kevin Hart killed this..without a doubt some of his funniest work outside his standup. Jay Z's Cameo was epic....lololol.....guess this is where they started the ROC seperation cuz this niggas cameo consisted of some non related clips of him in the studio....hahahaha....Hands down star of the movie was Beans who in my opinion didnt even know he was in a movie he was just doin his day to day activites....hahahah.....Favorite lines..."Damn! Stew wasn't even home long enough to take a shit!" and "Damn Larry nice sweatpants...Why they dont have no pockets?" hahahahahahahaah.....a must see.

Bianca F (ru) wrote: 10/10 !!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????

Josh M (ag) wrote: Not as bad as most critics say, but not great either. The desolate atmosphere is always a nice touch, but the overall idea is a bit far-fetched.

wild willie n (jp) wrote: not very good - only worth watching because of BURT but i really liked Jerry Reed in this, he is awesome as Bama McCall!! Still - other than that, the movie is pretty flat.

JohnRobert W (it) wrote: Despite having a great score by Morricone and a unique native American anti-hero, "Joe" doesn't fare well with Corbucci's other films.

Laura F (fr) wrote: This is a tremendous adult film about actual adults and the intensity of of sexual politics and the power of both love and attraction. If you can't see that, then you're a dickslap.

Abram M (jp) wrote: What a movie Mel Gibson really brought a strong performance and you bought him in this role. As sad anger father looking for pace even if it takes him to a dark place. I strongly encourage you to watch this film if your looking for dark, intense thriller and if your just a movie fan in general you'll like this Edge of Darkness.

Kristina K (jp) wrote: Right on the line of being ok and bearable the movie gives you a laugh and a great cast.

Miguel A (mx) wrote: Whodunnit em tons giallo consegue arrecadar algum interesse at ao momento em que entra em modo de parvoce atrs de parvoce at que se esgote a pacincia. No culpa do filme, mas o facto do seu protagonista assemelhar-se muito ao Diogo Morgado tambm ajuda nada.