Zameen Ke Tare

Zameen Ke Tare


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Zameen Ke Tare 1960 full movies, Zameen Ke Tare torrents movie

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Zameen Ke Tare torrent reviews

Troy P (es) wrote: I mean it was OK to watch but it wasn't all the rage the people claimed it was. You could spend worse things to do in your time but you could also pick a better movie if you value your time

stefn birgir s (fr) wrote: aaaaaaaaaaaa, so many snakes!

Vassilis S (ru) wrote: Interesting film. Lepage is a great director - better in theatre - but this movie sets the background for eternal sunshine

Ciara T (ca) wrote: this movie was great i truly loved it...

David F (jp) wrote: Almost as good as The French Connection.

Timothy J (ca) wrote: Loved this film since I was a kid.

Tara B (br) wrote: it won't et me watch it dude why why why tell me y

Vasco M (ru) wrote: It does nothing new but bless it's metaphorical heart, it kept me watching. Seeing a rugged Pierce Brosnan in a master-apprentice bromance with a dude that can barely hold his acting chops together is engaging in a funny way. In other words, the movie does nothing wrong and is a very competent action flick.

Julie G (br) wrote: Anthology horror shorts--not all work but it's certainly bloody. I can't resist Udo Kier and Tom Savini in the same movie.

Joe A (au) wrote: Count Yorga, Vampire was originally written as a soft core porn film and while there are slight hints of this left in the flick, (and some prints are actually called The Loves Of Count Yorga, Vampire) star Robert Quarry (Yorga) refused to do the movie unless it was done as a straight horror. And while this 1970 cult classic does have a bit of a reputation, it is actually a bit talky and tame by today's standards. Quarry plays Bulgarian vampire Count Yorga who has moved to L.A. and set his fangs on a group of friends by assimilating himself into the group by dating one's mother who then mysteriously dies (mysteriously...cough,cough). He then gains their trust by trying to consol her daughter with a seance. Soon, one by one, the count goes after the women of the group to start his vampire harem. It's up to the men, along with a doctor friend, to stop him. Quarry makes a good vampire here, he is handsome and mysterious and can exude a calm menace when Yorga needs to be threatening but, he isn't given all that much to do as there is a lot of scenes with characters sitting around talking and very little actual action. Quarry is definitely key in making the scenes that are effective work especially when the film finally picks up a bit in the last act. But, the rest of the cast is rather bland and I thought it was really odd that the first character to suggest the work of a vampire, is the doctor who, as a man of science, should be the most skeptical. Also amusing is how quickly the rest go along with it. The film is directed in a pedestrian manner by writer/ director Bob Kelljan (Scream, Blacula, Scream) and while he does give us some effective scenes, (the cat, the last act in Yorga's mansion) in general the film could have used a bit more atmosphere, tension and good old fashioned scares. Yorga is classified by some as a classic 70s horror flick and it does have that nostalgic charm but, there were other 70s vampire flicks like Blacula and Night Stalker that just have more bite.EXTRA TRIVIA: in a move that echos some of today's big studio decisions, Yorga had a number of gore scenes removed to get a PG rating and reach a larger audience. Today on DVD, those scenes are restored and the film is now rated, ironically, PG-13.