Zangiku monogatari

Zangiku monogatari

In Tokyo in 1888, Kikunosuke Onoue, the adoptive son of an important actor, discovers that he is praised for his acting only because he is his father's heir, and that the troupe complains ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Billie W (es) wrote: Tezz-errible. An actual blackface dance number in 2012. BLACKFACE. Actual blackface. To be fair, I guess, it started with a white-faced Halloween-costume quality vampire dancers...then suddenly they were matadors...then actual afro-wigged, red-lipped, black-faced BLACKFACE. In an irrelevant song about what a hottie the singer is. Why didn't someone cut this?

Lucas B (au) wrote: So heavy handed with its symbolism that you leave with a black eye.

Jonny P (ca) wrote: Ray Liotta plays a medical examiner who tries to clear his name from the murder his wife in this (ironically) forgettable film. While the concept of memory transfer is pretty cool, the script fails to make it believable and as a result, the plot falls flat. This movie is worth a watch for its decent action scenes and strong acting, but I can think of 300 action films that I would recommend ahead of this one.

Robert C (kr) wrote: Walter Matthau and Burgess Maredeth are hilarious.

Janna L (gb) wrote: I've now seen Water and Earth, and if it's fair to extrapolate from those I'd say Deepa Mehta is an aesthetic genius. The movies are beautiful, intense, and passionate, and leave you sort of awestruck by the end.

Miguel G (ru) wrote: Rated 2 stars when rented from Netflix on 07/05/2007

Joel A (gb) wrote: The film that launched Paul Muni to super stardom its a fantastic film that was quite intense in its portrayal of prison Chain Gang lifestyle.He just lights up the screen Paul Muni & is utterly convincing as the good guy wrongfully accused. Filled with some snappy dialogue it's an essential early 1930's masterpiece.It's a hard nosed film that is a true classic in every sense, also a very well made film considering it was made in the early days of talkies.

Joseph U (it) wrote: Good story! Bad acting.

Danny M (mx) wrote: This bored me, unfortunately. I felt like I wasted two hours of my life.