Zara Bachke

Zara Bachke


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Zara Bachke 1959 full movies, Zara Bachke torrents movie

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Zara Bachke torrent reviews

Gary K (mx) wrote: A melodramatic story but nevertheless uplifting ending when justice is served,

Anurag B (ca) wrote: Even having Micheal cane in the title role. harry Brown is a sore bore!

Ahmed J (de) wrote: poor story and freaken long movie, but really gd action

Brett R (jp) wrote: This movie is f****ng TRASH

Travis K (es) wrote: It was pretty lame...and the werewolves looked ridiculous!

AllY W (au) wrote: it was very confusing..

Neil W (kr) wrote: One of the best ever war films.

Kevin K (es) wrote: It's one of those movie where the main character simply tolerates outrageous insults and demeaning attacks, and comes off as a total loser. The two female leads come off as agreeable in a ditsy unhelpful way.

Thomas K (mx) wrote: Thought provoking and funny as hell. One of my favorite films of all time.

Jason (jp) wrote: A boy, Pete, is very close to his grandfather (Dennis Weaver). While Pete and his parents are visiting the old timer that has seen many good and bad times in years past, Pete hears some news that he didn't want to hear. To get away from the harsh reality of the bad news that life just threw them, Pete and his grandpa take a trip to the mountainous woods in order to spend some time quality time together. Never did they expect something bad to happen which would cause them to get lost in the upbeat wilderness that never rests. To say the least, "Escape From Wildcat Canyon" is full of adventure once the two get lost. They'll have to deal with hungry wolves, frightening heights, fast flowing rivers that can chill you to the bone (not to mention that it's the cold season), and much more. It'll not only take teamwork, but a lot of luck will also come in handy for them to get through this expedition alive. Granted, "Escape From Wildcat Canyon" doesn't have the best acting that anybody's ever seen (Dennis Weaver, the Grandpa, is great though), and it may be a little cliched, but it's still a good movie, especially for all you adventure fans out there. There's also a lot of nice scenery to take in while watching the film.

Karsh D (ru) wrote: Whilst not the classic of other films in this genre there is still much to admire as a masterless, untidy samurai helps out a small village to help wipe out the corrupt ruling band of thieves and cut throats. The end tingles with tension and a wee bit shocking

Yogesh R (ag) wrote: Now *this* is how you shoot a movie in widescreen. Check out the way the action climax is staged - a static shot held for nearly 45 seconds. What director would do that nowadays?(The shot with the train is pretty incredible too.)

esteban c (jp) wrote: Saw this movie when I was a kid, I loved it then, love it now

Jeffrey D (nl) wrote: I did a project on this film for a class on immigration and sexuality. Definitely an interesting movie, with both William Hurt and Raul Julia giving great performances. A little slow and a little dated, but I give it a decent recommendation.

Adam T (gb) wrote: Mildly entertaining Pierce Brosnan movie sees the ex-007 unexpectedly courting Selma Hayak and receiving a visit from his dying father (played by Malcolm McDowell!). Pierce has lost none of his suaveness and cool but is let down by a slightly inconsequential and predictable story. Still, it's reasonable fun.

James H (fr) wrote: I don?t know what it is about Jules Dassin, I just never seem to like his work as much as most. The same with Melina Mercouri, what can I say, she irritates me. It?s a good story, Peter Ustinov is fine, but I just don?t see it as great. Nice locale shooting, colorful, but it just didn?t thrill me.

Justin B (fr) wrote: There's an interesting concept here but it's under-utilized. It's pretty dull but still better than a lot of the other Scream ripoffs.