Inspired by the true story of the first giraffe to visit France, Zarafa is a sumptuously animated and stirring adventure, and a throwback to a bygone era of hand-drawn animation and epic storytelling set among sweeping CinemaScope vistas of parched desert, wind-swept mountains and open skies. Under the cover of darkness a small boy, Maki, loosens the shackles that bind him and escapes into the desert night. Pursued by slavers across the moon-lit savannah, Maki meets Zarafa, a baby giraffe – and an orphan, just like him – as well as the nomad Hassan, Prince of the Desert. Hassan takes them to Alexandria for an audience with the Pasha of Egypt, who orders him to deliver the exotic animal as a gift to King Charles of France.

The plot of the film has a grandfather telling his grand kids the story of Maki, a young boy who escapes from slave traders, befriends a giraffe (the title character), cross the desert, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard M (br) wrote: Nothing particularly complex about this film about a Chechen mercenary fighting on the pro-Russian Abkhazian side and a Georgian, both wounded and taken in and nursed back to health by an Estonian immigrant Tangerine farmer and his neighbor. The two farmers want to gather in their crop before returning to Estonia after war broke out between pro-Russian elements and Georgians. It's predictable as a tale about the insanity of war and those who do the fighting but it's well done and well acted. Looking on Rotten Tomatoes here I wonder some times about the US raters as most Americans rarely see foreign films and films like this get no promotion whatsoever----too much dialogue not enough car crashes and raping. The film is rated R according to RT and it says why: "R (for strong and disturbing sexual content, graphic nudity, language throughout, and drug use)" this description is completely inaccurate. There is no nudity except a mans chest, a few swear words that one would hear in high school playgrounds and I saw no drug use except one scene where they drank some vodka. It's a nice film worth seeing.

Swagat R (mx) wrote: Ten times better than Delhi Belly, yet so underrated!

Timothy R (au) wrote: Is charming in parts but is mostly quite mediocre. It has been compared to 'Love, Actually" but it is nowhere near as good. Robert De Niro was surprisingly good and Monica Bellucci was as lovely as ever.

Aaron V (us) wrote: True story about how UN personnel in Bosnia were involved in sex trafficking and cover-up, while the one woman who dared blow the whistle is blocked and thwarted at every turn. This disturbing and infuriating story is told with some narrative weaknesses, but Rachel Weisz is excellent and holds viewer attention. The more popular 2009 film, TAKEN, also covered the vast industry of human trafficking, but instead of Liam Neeson playing James Bond on the bad guys, WHISTLEBLOWER goes deeper into the atrocity. It shows how the "good guys" are not only the customers but the enablers and protectors. It also shows an R-rated version of the victims. Some scenes show how brutally the women are treated. Painful to watch, but important to see because human trafficking is very real and, apparently, very protected. Movies on human trafficking are hamstrung out of the gate. In 2010, TAKEN was dumped on Super Bowl weekend, the worst movie weekend in winter. But against expectations, it earned over $228 million in over 3000 screens. The next year, the more shocking and more incriminating WHISTLEBLOWER was left for dead, dumped into a few theaters in the dog days of summer 2011, earning only $1.1 million. Strange that a film with an Oscar-winning lead (Rachel Weisz), supporting star power (Vanessa Redgrave, and Monica Bellucci), a gripping topic, and critical acclaim (78% on Rotten Tomatoes). It also took 8 years to get the film off the ground and only went through after Weisz signed on. The tiny box office earnings on such a film would have to be engineered. This movie needs to be seen.

Matt D (ca) wrote: A pretty by the numbers bank robbery film that asks you not to question basically anything that happens. Really bad ending too.

Shane H (ag) wrote: A fun, family oriented movie with plenty of laughs, and a great message.

Sebastian P (ag) wrote: Una maravillosa pelcula bastante original en la historia. Para mi mejor pelcula en la que ha participado Jim Carrey.

Robert W (br) wrote: I don't understand everyone's dislike of this movie. Ben Kingsley is brilliant. It is scary, tense, moving. In my top ten of suspense/thriller movies. Nothing like X-files.

Andrew P (de) wrote: Can't say it is as good as the original, but it's still a pretty awesome movie. You get lost in some of the plot, but you get the idea of what is going on. Pretty epic. A fun watch.

Javi L (ca) wrote: Great movie that describes perfectly the spirit of Manchester music.

Mickey M (de) wrote: Actor "Jack Noah" (Richard Dreyfuss) is finally home, and bumps into a couple of friends. He tells him an unbelievable story where he was basically forced into taking the place of the "Parador" (played by various cities in Brazil) dictator, "President Alphonse Simms" (also played by Dreyfuss at the start of the movie), who had died of a heart attack. He discusses how he was taught the mannerisms and other important information by the President's right-hand man, "Roberto Strausmann" (Raul Julia), who is secretly undermining the President. With help from the dead "President's" mistress "Madonna Mendez" (Sonia Braga), he begins to change the dictator's public image slowly, which pretty much upsets "Strausman". I have to day that this movie has some good chuckles, but not full of gut-busting laughs. A lot of the laughs are one-liners as "Noah" is trying to keep the fact that he is not the president from the good people of "Parador", who live in poverty the likes he has never seen. There were some missed opportunities though. In one scene, the kitchen staff has a sneaking suspicions that "Noah" is not the president. This is the only time in the entire movie that we see them talk about this. We don't see any other sign of them trying to prove their suspicions, even if it's just for themselves. I would also liked to have seen more scenes with Charro, who plays the president's maid. She could have provided some fair laughs with her trademark energy which causes her to talk at a fast rate making her almost completely incomprehensible because of her accent. Her energy could have also brought some laughs with any of the performers who could have kept up with her. Julia does a pretty good job as the villain, but I think that his true intentions should have been explored a bit more. It is pretty obvious that he is the true dictator with the late president as window dressing for him. Two other cast members which were under used was Jonathan Winters and Sammy Davis, Jr., who plays himself in a couple of scenes. Both have played comedic roles and could have done a good job if their roles were expanded. Winters was one of the few actors who could keep up with Robin Williams (both worked as father and son on the US television series "Mork and Mindy", with the younger Williams as the father). If Winters was allowed to go for it, he would have been pretty funny in his scenes. Dreyfuss and Braga had some fair on-screen chemistry in their scenes, but I felt that they could have been a bit better. Their on-screen romance wasn't really launched correctly in my opinion either. We hear "Noah", in voiceover telling the story to his friends, explain that he was falling for "Mendez", but we never really see it in the particular scene that was playing out under the voiceover. The music was pretty boring in this film. We hear some local Brazilian music, which is fair, but the "Parador" National Anthem is not great, especially when Davis sings it. If you are looking for a movie that is filled with laughs, I can't suggest this one. However, it's not that bad, with some fairly good laughs and a pretty good cast. I probably would say that you should catch this on HBO or another movie channel and save your money for something you want to rent.

Austin F (mx) wrote: 89% Johnny Depp fits the role perfectly of an uneventful life as a drug dealer in this highly entertaining and emotional drama.

Luciano G (es) wrote: Kidnapping Mr. Heineken has elements of an exciting crime caper and at moments scores, but in the end misses its mark....

Grg W (au) wrote: boring and very confusing. a guy joins a cult because he keeps dreaming of a blonde lady when he's engaged to another woman. things turn bad obviously and drama ensues. this isn't really worth seeking out.