Nearing the village of his sensei, Zatoichi decides to pay the teacher a visit, only to learn that he has been murdered and his daughter forced into prostitution. Ichi's investigation into ...

Nearing the village of his sensei, Zatoichi decides to pay the teacher a visit, only to learn that he has been murdered and his daughter forced into prostitution. Ichi's investigation into ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James B (ag) wrote: i loved the 80's, so this film cracked me up! the kids in this movie are just plain lame, but that is what makes you love them so much. seriously, who doesn't like the 80's, nerdy, underdog story?

Vagner F (nl) wrote: Filme de 2007. Bom filme. Trata dos chamados "sonhos lucidos", onde a pessoa aprende a ter controle sobre o que acontece em seus sonhos. Eu esperava ser ate um pouco melhor do que foi, mas ainda assim nao deixa de ser um filme legal e eh sobre um tema que acho bem interessante.

TheMumblelover (fr) wrote: Sonny Chiba does a good Bruce Lee impression though comes across more like Elvis :Presley in the fight scenes. The street fighter starts off without morals and is at war with everyone and himself. He's tense, angry and without a care. When the Yakuza refuse to pay his fee he helps to protect the heiress and through this he finds some morality at the end.

Zebulon R (jp) wrote: Weird. Based on a true story, which makes it even weirder.

Grant S (jp) wrote: Very intriguing, and scenic, whodunnit.Based on the Agatha Christie novel, our favourite Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, is on a cruise up the Nile. He is surrounded by an interesting assortment of characters, including a wealthy heiress and her husband, on their honeymoon. It appears that everyone hates the heiress...Very interesting, mysterious and tense murder mystery. The backgrounds of the different characters, including potential motives, are explored well before the murder occurs. It is never obvious who the murderer is (at one stage I thought we might have another Murder on the Orient Express on our hands...). Great twist at the end.Great scenery and cinematography too. Shot on the Nile, with the characters also visiting pyramids and other ancient sites. Star-filled cast (as seems to be the custom for Poirot movies): Peter Ustinov (as Poirot), David Niven, Bette Davis, Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury (who really should have been able to solve the mystery herself...), George Kennedy, Maggie Smith, Olivia Hussey, Jack Warden and Harry Andrews. Also includes Lois Chiles who I am surprised did not turn out to be a bigger star (if you see her in this movie, you'll understand...). Solid performances from all of them. Maggie Smith, as Miss Bowers, gets the funniest lines, though has limited screen time.

Bheema D (us) wrote: I'll use this opportunity to compare the 2nd and 3rd movies in this series, "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" and "Escape from the Planet of the Apes," specifically structurally. We'll use the analogy of a plotted chart. Beneath the Planet of the Apes would appear for it's first 45 minutes or so as something low to the ground and flat, that being retread and repeat of the original film. From then on, Beneath became one of the most unexpectedly weird movies, which would be represented by a massive and thin spike on the chart. Now, that might signal a bit of a red flag to some people, but it's a lot better than how Escape from the Planet of the Apes went down. This chart would be represented with an uneven series of waves. Sometimes it's really good, sometimes it's really lame, sometimes it's really weird, sometimes it's thought-provoking, sometimes it's emotional, sometimes it's boring, and these are not nearly equal chunks of screentime, but unfortunately that "boring" part applies to most of the ending, minus that last little clip. While Beneath wasn't exactly successful at repeating the original's greatness, it's better than Escape, which abandons what made the original good and going for a way more mainstream film that only gains credibility and that "78%" it may or may not deserve from the strength of the Cornelius and Zira characters.

Cameron A (es) wrote: this is quite a funny film. it was really goood! :D

Joshua B (br) wrote: Just call it a predecessor to The Matrix with Bruce Campbell in it.

Nate T (ru) wrote: Breezy enjoyable romp. Highlights: George Carlin and Richard Pryor...

Cheryl H (br) wrote: This movie made me fall in love with Santorini. Stupidly acted but beautiful scenery & interesting story.