Zatoichi the Fugitive

Zatoichi the Fugitive

A yakuza gang targets the blind masseur Zatoichi after he defeats their group in a wrestling match. Meanwhile a long lost love of Zatoichi's returns to his life.

A yakuza gang targets the blind masseur Zatoichi after he defeats their group in a wrestling match. Meanwhile a long lost love of Zatoichi's returns to his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kym c my community profile R (fr) wrote: The movie is about the brutal murder of a young boy in a peaceful town and the small town detective that struggles to solve it. I'll tell the twilight fans here... Kellan Lutz is not in it enough. The small town is suffering from economic troubles so Eddie (Lutz) & Shane (Jon) break in & rob from a home a couple towns over so they ca help their families. The movie was a decent story tho being so tired I did fall asleep watching. It wasn' bad but wasn't good or great. It was pretty average as I really can't remember much from it. C

Ole J (nl) wrote: I had hoped a bit more from this one, it is a classic tale, your average hero helped by small town citizens and they all stand together in the end to fight this retched beast that has attacked their small community.There are some good scenes and the beast is fairly well made or animated, but nothing is new, it has all been seen before and this film doesn't do it any better then the countless other films.

Tony B (us) wrote: Well acted with sensitive direction and story but stiff and very bland overall.

Taylor V (br) wrote: I really liked this movie. Excellent performances from Morton and Patric. More to come later...

Alex D (br) wrote: This movie captures the feeling of the fearful suicidal mind set in a light tone with some fast descents for its plot. The film had some emotionally captivating moments of exposition and reveals, but it did have it's equal amount of slow moments where certain deus ex machinas would be repeated to move the story along. But ultimately it's a book brought to life with great performances; especially by Toni Collette.

Private U (gb) wrote: A whole movie in Iambic pentameter, and the maid,whose voice you may recognize from Harry Potter, is brilliant!

Rebecca D (au) wrote: .SOUNDS INTERESTING.........

Barney o (au) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: The animation is great, and the characters are well developed. All this allows 'Happy feet' to dabble with some great themes and still make it appeal to the whole family.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: The first half sets up character well, but then the middle doesn't have much going on at all, and the end is a fairly poor, ripped off version of the 3rd act of the classic 'finding nemo' where all the serious themes are hammered home. This akwardness means none of the plot appears to fit together well.VERDICT: The characters keep it going, but 'Happy feet's plot stops it from being a classic animation to remember

Eric H (ca) wrote: Crazy Australians!! They think they can make a suspenseful little murder flick and get us Americans to sit through it trying to make sense of their accents and stuff? BAH!!! Well, they can and I did. From the opening scene of bloody carnage on a train to the final showdown between Constable Graham McGahan (its written on his namebadge), played smashingly well by Brendan Cowell, there were lots of things going on and awkward little characters that came and went. It all leads up to a great finale within which we find out who the real murderer is and how far he'll go to gain the attention he thinks he deserves.

Ryan B (nl) wrote: Movie was pretty damn good!

Aaron A (ca) wrote: Nicholas Cage is a gem when it comes to overacting, but in this film his overstated performance feels exactly in place and surprisingly enhances perfectly the noir styled depravity on exhibition in this dark and intense romantic drama which itself is a pinnacle of downbeat cinema.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: A fairly wacky comedy with a nice performance from Robin Williams and Tim Robins.

Sean L (mx) wrote: The lightweight, feel-good saga of a man carelessly adrift in middle age without really recognizing how beleaguered he's become. A half-slate at the local community college opens new horizons and introduces him to colorful, inspirational new figures, which he takes in stride admirably. It's soft rock for the cinema, a shallow little story that's aloof and happy but not terribly gripping or important. Tom Hanks is fine in the lead role, throwing back to the classic everyman archetype that brought him fame and fortune, and his chemistry with Julia Roberts (a bitter, icy communications professor) is more comfortable and real than what we saw in their previous collaboration, 2007's Charlie Wilson's War. Beyond a few passages that may or may not have come from a pamphlet on existentialism and a few strangely unexplored plot threads, there's very little to it. Mildly funny, warm and friendly, it's also quite bland and thoroughly whitewashed.

Pat M (it) wrote: unpleasingly depressing-very little enjoyment.want an upliftingly good flick-this doesn't come close.