Zatoichi the Outlaw

Zatoichi the Outlaw

In a town where debt-ridden peasants are being ruthlessly exploited, Zatoichi is forced to take sides between a cruel yakuza boss and his seemingly altruistic rival.

Zatoichi arrives in a town where a gambling house is kidnapping its poor, debt-ridden patrons. A rival establishment moves to pay those debts and free the peasants, but this house's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ayat M (es) wrote: Good plot, cold acting...

Ola S (gb) wrote: Norway, or more specific, Sameland in the early 1850s. The Samis are fooled into heavy drinking by the vendours and the church in an unholy coalition. It ends in rebellion and murder.Mikael Persbrandt almost reaches a new personal record in over-acting, which makes the somewhat naive script worse. But the historical environment is genuine and this is a kind of conflict which surely is rare on screen.

Serena G (au) wrote: I met someone who was a part of The Kindertransport today and she was a sweet old lady and she told me that I should really watch this movie, so I guess I'll check it out someday :)

Leena L (au) wrote: A war time drama and an excellent story on love and lives lost. The first time review is still true, I doubt Cate Blanchett has ever been bad in a film.... Have to say, though, that the book is even better...

bridgette f (ag) wrote: great cast ,and movie too

Jordan H (au) wrote: Just a bad and joyless retread of the 1981 cult classic with an unmemorable soundtrack.

horse c (au) wrote: Gun fights, car chases, fights, comedy, you name it.

KierLa J (br) wrote: amazing 80s cinema - Wings hauser's performance as killer pimp Ramrod is Oscar-worthy

The Critic (nl) wrote: Not as funny as other entries in the series, using subtle humour this time around. The first half of the piece is a little talky, but moments involving a bird that can pick a winner at the racetrack is amusing. Sidney James and Kenneth Williams are in top form here.

Brian W (nl) wrote: Best football movie ever made.

James K (br) wrote: didn't lose the old school comedy brilliant funny brought me back to my childhood loved it 10 out of 10

Golia K (ag) wrote: Absorbing, yes, but difficult as wel