Zaveshchaniye professora Douelya

Zaveshchaniye professora Douelya

Professor Dowell and his assistant surgeon Dr. Kern are working on the resurrection of the dead. Dr. Kern kills Dowell in a set up car accident. Professor Dowell's head is now kept alive ...

Professor Dowell and his assistant surgeon Dr. Kern are working on the resurrection of the dead. Dr. Kern kills Dowell in a set up car accident. Professor Dowell's head is now kept alive ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith E (mx) wrote: Good first attempt at a Cannibal film..if i remember correctly it is the film that started that Sub-Genre..Directed by Umberto Lenzi (Cannibal Ferox)

Mira Mohd S (au) wrote: A dark, brutal, intense & thought provoking thriller based on the real events which shocked the whole world..brilliant performances by Nana Patekar & Sanjeev Jaiswal (as Ajmal Kasab) it only if you have a stomach for brutality...

Neil S (au) wrote: Classic late night flick that deserves at least one sober viewing.

Tara H (ca) wrote: Probably the best film I've seen about a rock musician. This neither glamourises or demonises the life of Ian Curtis, but depicts his inner turmoil and tragic decline sensitively and without resorting to easy moral judgments. With great authenticity, director Anton Corbijn transports the viewer back to 1970s Manchester, given a sense of bleak beauty by the stark, black-and-white camerawork. Some great performances, and Sam Riley is outstanding as Curtis. A worthy tribute to both Curtis and Joy Division, one of the most influential bands of the post-punk era.

Giuseppe L (au) wrote: Nothing special. A mix between "an official and a gentleman" and "Full metal jacket" in indian-bollywood style.

NICOLE C (nl) wrote: if you like suffing the waves then you will like this.

Alex r (jp) wrote: Stanley Kubrick is one of cinema's greatest filmmakers and his impact on the medium is like no other filmmaker. This is a brilliant documentary that chronicles the life of Kubrick and it has some incredible interviews. This is a great documentary about a talented filmmaker and if you love Kubrick's work, then you should definitely give this one a shot. Kubrick's contribution is one of the most important in the medium. With this film, various filmmakers discuss his unique approach in making pictures and how he crafted such unique movies that pushed the boundaries of what the medium could do. His influence is unmatched and his work has inspired countless directors. Kubrick was a wonderful filmmaker and he has made some of the most memorable films and some of the greatest as well. There never was a filmmaker quite like Stanley Kubrick. Fans of the director owe it to themselves to check this well crafted documentary and it is a complete work on the career of Kubrick. The film is narrated by Tom Cruise and has interviews from Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and other great filmmakers. As you watch the film, you come to truly understand the genius that was Stanley Kubrick. Life in Pictures is a wonderful film that is in depth and in many ways is a fine tribute to Kubrick's legacy. I really enjoyed the film, and it really gave me something truly interesting to watch. I love Kubrick's work, and this documentary definitely gives you a glimpse into a long and unique career of a director who brought film into an artful medium. Whether you enjoy his films or not, his impact is like no other filmmaker in history, and he redefined cinema as an art form.

Claire T (it) wrote: I didn't like this movie, I expected better, I think it could have been better but I don't want it on DVD

Dave W (de) wrote: Whilst this adaptation of Graham Swift's novel is very good, and features a collection of some of the best British acting talent you can get, there's something lacking at the heart here.

J Chrissy R (ru) wrote: A sports movie...ick! They're not all bad, but most are BORING!!

Derrick B (jp) wrote: It's an Oliver Stone film so you know its gonna look crazy with the frenetic energy he likes. That said, it's great film on the full encompassing view of professional football and Jamie Foxx kills in his role.

The M (fr) wrote: Just as sleezy it's suposed to be.Some bad acting from most of the cast, but what the hell.. it's Female Fury!!

Andy F (ru) wrote: A bit tame. The notorious insane asylum is underplayed and Karloff portrays his role with vigour. It's a fairly lightweight story and only has the odd scary moment. More a case of what could have been and instead we get a drama tinged with a little thrill here and there.

Private U (de) wrote: possibly gable's most charming role and that's saying something to anyone who's seen ' It Happened One Night.' bonus mark for getting Jean Harlow to slink into a 'nice girl' role - and on ice skates no less!!

Barnaby G (kr) wrote: Oh dear. This was a thoroughly engaging film until..... you find out who her source was at the end. With that realisation the whole film becomes a joke.

Iain B (jp) wrote: Despite the subject matter, suicide, still manages to be whimsical and in places amusing